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Hillary’s Christmas Greeting… ‘from the White House’

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“It’s my house and I want it back!”

It’s politicians like this one that make a satirist’s job so hard, these days. People can’t tell the difference anymore between the nooze and satire.

Hillary Clinton’s annual Christmas greeting this year was “from the White House,” with the implicit message that she’s the rightful president and she wuz robbed by the Russians and whoever (https://www.wnd.com/2018/12/hillary-clinton-sends-christmas-greeting-from-white-house/). She used an old photo of herself and Billy-boy with the White House Christmas tree.

You know. Like she belongs there.

Who does she think she is–King Arthur? Carted off to Avalon to heal the wounds she suffered in losing to Donald Trump in 2016, and maybe sober up after some serious Election Night potations. The Once and Future President. Except she hasn’t yet managed the “once” part.

Maybe an asteroid strike would be a bigger calamity for America than a Hillary Clinton presidency, but it’d have to be a big one.

Democrats just can’t wait to get their power back and junk the Constitution.

We mustn’t let them do it.

‘Hillary Backers Like Karl Marx for VP’ (2016)

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Are we getting our money’s worth for public education? [Rolls on the floor, laughing hysterically]

Remember this?


Yes, the founder of communism struck these Democrats as a great choice for vice president. The fact that he is dead wouldn’t have stopped him from voting Democrat, so it shouldn’t stop him from holding office, either.

Google’s Post-Election Howl

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Someone has leaked an hour-long video of Google’s “all hands” meeting in the wake of Election Night, 2016, in which the Google brass bewailed and lamented the defeat of Hillary Clinton and vowed to do everything in their power to stop the elected president, Donald Trump, from carrying out his agenda. The video has been published by Breitbart (https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/09/12/leaked-video-google-leaderships-dismayed-reaction-to-trump-election/).

I’m sorry, but this is, like, a galaxy far, far away. Hillary Clinton is a crook. These oafs wanted her to be president. They worked for her to be president, all the while posing as simple purveyors of information without a partisan bone in their bodies: Google has “no political bias.” Good lord, someone actually had the brass to say that. I just can’t put myself into that mind-set.

The Google capos vowed to “save the world from catastrophic nationalism.” God save us from world savers. But, see, they’re all citizens of the world, nations are so blah, gotta have a global government–uh, with us running it, see, because we’re the smartest… Oh, please. Besides, they’ve got an ace up their sleeves–Artificial Intelligence! “Our hope is in Artificial Intelligence which made the heavens and the earth, after we made Artificial Intelligence… so gee, I guess we sorta made the heavens and the earth!”

The prosperity of fools will destroy them (Proverbs 1:32). And if it doesn’t, their pride and orgulity will.

‘My Generation Ruined America’ (2014)

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This was written before the American people, in 2016, shook themselves out of a trance and elected Donald Trump president. Yeah, I know–a few of you will say that’s a terrible thing to say. I guess you wanted Hillary. Or some other business-as-usual nothing politician from the Swamp.


Yes, my generation has a lot to answer for. Maybe our fathers made it too easy for us. Worked too hard for us to have those things they missed.

But there are signs the people might be waking up. The Far Left’s magical misery tour may be nearing the end of the line.

Pray God it’s so.

‘The Federal Goodness Administration’ (2015)

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Among the mob of Lilliputians scattered by Donald Trump in the last Republican primary, Ohio Gov. John Kasich stood out as one of those candidates whom everybody wanted but the voters.

Here’s one of his spiffy ideas:


Did he really, really think “Judeo-Christian values” would be safe in the hands of government?

Democrat Religion: The Book of Collusion

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Browsing around assorted news stories this weekend, and reading the comments from assorted readers, I think I have to say that Democrats are now wedded to the Russian Collusion Myth: that is, Hillary Clinton is the rightful president–yeesh, the Once and Future President, if you will–but she was cheated out of it by Donald Trump’s “collusion” with the Russians. It has been added to their scriptures, along with some verses declaring that no illegal aliens voted for Hillary, not even in California or Chicago.

Go ahead, ask them what form the Great Collusion took. Like, what did the Russians actually do? Government investigators swear there was no tampering with the voting machines and not a single vote was changed, or in any way affected, by anything “the Russians,” whoever they were, did. What did “the Russians” do, to cheat Hillary out of the presidency? And why would they not want to deal with a corrupt politician–that would be Hillary–whose cooperation they already knew to be always on sale? A big enough donation to the Clinton Foundation, and you get the nuclear launch codes. If anything, Russian bad guys would have wanted Hillary to be president!

But the Democrats sit down by the waters of the Potomac and weep. It’s so unfair! It was Her Turn to be president! Her turn! She simply could not have lost without all that Russian cheating!

I’m old enough to notice that Democrats never got this upset about Russian tanks rolling into Hungary.

It remains to be seen whether their faith in Her Turn is strong enough to move them to nominate Hillary again. Once more into the breach, dear friends! This time it’ll work! This time we’ll keep the Russians out, and this time she will win!

I hope they try it. I really hope they do.


‘Entering the Danger Zone’ (2016)

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I wrote this a month after Donald Trump’s election.


I wish I could have been wrong about it, I really do. Maybe I ought to go back to baseball predictions. I can always get those wrong.

Waddayamean, She Lost???

Image result for man horrifiedI am horrafyed, i am beeside my Self, i jist finded it “out” This moarning and i cant Beleave it!! Oman, i was waching “the” news al Day on Electron Day and thare Was Ratchel Maddow and “all them” others and Thay was al saying how Hillery she was “winning” Big-Big-Big, I meen thay all sayed That!!!

Wel OK i got a litle Exited and My Moth Antenners thay begun to Ich somthing awffle and evry boddy else Thay was all exited too, and then I finded me “a” jim sock and so i Ate it i was Hungery and i gess thare must of “been” somthing funnny Abuot “It” becose neckst thing i know, I am Very High, and affter that the neckst “thing” i know is, Its Satterday moarning and evry boddy hear at Collidge thay are Sad and aslo very, “very” Anggery and than thay teling “me” that Donold trump he won the Lection and Hillery she lost!!!!! i jist cant beleave it.

But My prefesser he sayed it is true, “and bill Airs he is” rihgt says my Prefesser, “iff we did Put 20 Million odrinary dum peple into Consternation Camps” then the rest of Them ijjits thay “wuld” Get the Message and Thay wuld “all” shutt Up and let Us Interllecturals at Collidge run The countrye and Hillery she wuld Be Pressadint and yiu know She “wuld” lissen to Our Advise!!

And My prefesser he Says dont worrie “whe wil think Up a “way” to fix al them” dum and stopid peple thay Who hasnt got The sents to doo waht Us Interllecturals we Tel them “to” doo!

But i am jist terrable upset Today.

Hillary’s Concession Speech

It has been widely reported that Hillary Clinton has not made a concession speech after losing the election yesterday: that she didn’t even come out, from wherever she was hiding, to thank her staff.

But according to a not terribly reliable but really cool source, she did come out to speak to her staff after all cameras and microphones were banned from the room. And this is what she said:

“Thanks for nothin’, you miserable bunch of ____ing losers! You lazy ____ing cretins! You let me down, you ____ed me over, I shoulda been 50 points ahead and I woulda won if you hadn’t ____ing blown it for me, you [heavily censored], you traitors, you incompetent ____s! Well, don’t think the vast right-wing conspiracy can help you now! Wait’ll you see what ____ing happens to you!”

At this point, says our source, the candidate lapsed into incoherent gibberish and had to be removed to an undisclosed location.

Last Call: Stop Hillary

This is the last I mean to write about this presidential election. Please consider these points.

*Are you really okay with the prospect of an out-and-out criminal occupying the highest office in the land? Do you want the legacy of the United States in history to be the slogan, “Crime really does pay, big-time!”

*All the villains in America are lined up solidly for Hillary–big government, big banks, lying nooze media, potty-mouthed celebrities, Black Lives Matter, George Soros, the country club Republicans aka “those weasels in Congress,” illegal aliens, the open borders mob, and even Miley Cyrus. That means they’re lined up against Trump. Does that not sort of tell you something? If they’re all against Trump, shouldn’t you be for him?

*Should the White Witch win the White House, one thing we can be dead sure of is that she will not stop committing crimes. And if you didn’t vote at all, or wasted your vote on a third-party candidate, or even voted for her, you have made yourself an accomplice in her further crimes.

*If Donald Trump still alarms you, please consider this: if he wins, it’ll be all he can do just to stay in office for four years. You’re gonna see checks and balances trotted out against him like you never dreamed existed. I’ll be surprised if they even confirm any of his cabinet picks. And if he tries to use executive orders like President *Batteries Not Included used them, he’ll be impeached.

*Stopping Hillary is now. Whatever we have to do with Donald Trump, that will be later. You have to take care of now before you deal with later.

Asinine headlines to the contrary, I do not believe that Trump is “the only one who can save America.” God is the only one who can save America. But I can’t believe He wants us to just sit around wringing our hands because we don’t have a Righteous Candidate to vote for.

Trust in God, pray continually, and stop Hillary Clinton by the only way that’s lawful for us: vote for Donald Trump.

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