Some Very Silly Dogs

The dogs in this video are terrified of cats. Isn’t that disgraceful? Like, they should have to turn in their dog badges and apply for positions as mice. But I’ve also seen videos of cats who are afraid of mice. Shameful.

P.S.–Please, please don’t let your cat or your dog out on the street. It’s dangerous enough for humans, the way folks drive these days.

10 comments on “Some Very Silly Dogs

  1. The dog in that first clip sounded like he feared for his very life. 🙂

    It brings to mind a question, perhaps one that Mr. Nature could address. To what degree do animals have an instinctive understanding of taxonomy? The first time a dog sees a cat, does it understand the capabilities of a cat, or is it just an unpredictable critter that might do anything? Do animals instinctively know to fear venomous snakes, or do they fear all snakes equally? When they see a bird flying above do they understand that sparrows are harmless while hawks can be dangerous? I have no idea, maybe Mr. Nature would know.

    1. Mr. Nature can’t read animals’ minds. Besides, they’re all individuals.
      There are hawks that visit my neighborhood, looking to catch squirrels or pigeons. You know the hawk is around because the squirrels and the pigeons disappear. I have no idea how this happens. Do they communicate, or just imitate what they see others do?
      The ones that don’t disappear, they get caught. There’s always someone who’s not hip to the scene.
      We really know very little about what goes on in any animal’s head.

    2. “We really know very little about what goes on in any animal’s head.“

      Sorta like liberals, but with more definable logic. 🙂

    1. Boy, can birds bond! More of that stuff God thought of including in Creation, that we never, never, never would’ve thought of.

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