By Request, ‘Just Go By’

We have one more hymn request today, and I think posting it now will do us all some good: Just Go By, sung by Carroll Roberson, requested by Erlene.

You just can’t count on princes, leaders, really smart people: “Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils,” said Isaiah.

But we can count on the finished work of Jesus Christ Our Lord.

5 comments on “By Request, ‘Just Go By’

  1. Thank you, I love this one. Whenever someone tells me about all their good deeds and that they think they will be alright, it is words like these
    that are a part of my reply. So many people are deceived, and comparing themselves to people they know who are so much worse. They do not realize God does not “grade on the curve” and there is only one way to eternal life.

  2. Yes, it is pathetic if you think about it. I can’t bear the thoughts of anyone going to the horrible place below, and out of ignorance. Pray the Father send more workmen into the harvest fields.

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