UK Says ‘Yes’ to Designer Babies

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“Maybe we used too much frog DNA…”

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has said it’s okay for scientists to proceed with work on “genome editing” of human babies, to produce what we might call “designer babies” or “GMO babies” ( Or even “Franken-babies.”

Get this: Go ahead, said the council, “if it was in the future child’s interest and did not add to the kinds of inequality that already divide society.”

What? What are they talking about? Are these people quite all there? Like, it’s okay to genetically mess around with a baby as long as it doesn’t make him “better” than others, in some way, any way? Well, if it doesn’t, then why the devil do it? Or maybe for every “improvement” the genetic editors make, they’d have to “dis-improve” the baby somewhere else. “We’re going to make your baby very intelligent, Mrs. Windsor, but we don’t want to leave others feeling that they’re not equal to him–so we’re also going to make him frightfully ugly.”

Really, you wonder about the kind of people we have sitting around up there, making decisions for us. What loony bin did they escape from?

Hello? Hello? Didn’t any of these doofuses ever see Jurassic Park? Messing about with genetics leads to results that are inherently unpredictable. And the dinosaurs get loose and eat you.

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  1. My comment the other day stands here as well. The manipulated puppets think they’re going to be in charge of Satan’s beast system and his religion. He hates humanity because we are made in the image and likeness of God and wants to utterly destroy God’s creation.

    Underneath what appears to be madness is in reality great evil. These puppets have no idea they’re being duped and that Satan has no regard whatsoever for them. They’re ‘kings of the hill’ temporarily. But – spoiler alert: GOD WINS!

  2. “Go ahead, said the council, ‘if it was in the future child’s interest and did not add to the kinds of inequality that already divide society’.”

    I actually find this statement much more frightening than I do the genetic manipulation; and I find the genetic manipulation terrifying. If you examine the statement above, there is a lot of authority being granted to the person(s) writing the opinion. How does one formally rule on what is in the child’s best interests or what would add to the kinds inequality that already divide society?

    It is no secret that being taller, more slender or better looking can be major factors in success. So if genetic genetic engineering could affect any of those factors would that be “in the child’s best interests” because it was to their advantage or would it “add to the kinds inequality that already divide society” because it would be to the disadvantage of others?

    As I see it, such rulings amount to humans trying to assume God’s role. I don’t want to come off like some kind of old-school fundamentalist, but some matters are best left to God. I’m not keen on genome editing, by any means. I’m no more keen on human governments permitting genome editing, but seeking to choose which traits are permissible or which are not. That smacks of eugenics and sounds like an idea which would have gone over well in Nazi Germany.

    We are on a very slippery slope.

  3. Isn’t this basically applied eugenics? What happens when they start favoring one sex over another as they do in many Asian countries? And what happens when the GMO babies grow up and start believing they are superior to everyone else? It’s not going to end well.

  4. If Science can one day detect genes in an embryo that are destructive and can correct it, that would be a good thing. But please start with rats and frogs first, then maybe a sheep before you mess around with humans. Fallen man is ever getting the cart before the horse.

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