More Delightful Critters

Ms. Violet Crepuscular has a pet earwig named Horace who was not included in this compilation, much to her dismay.

I’m a sucker for these critter compilations. There’s always something in ’em that you really like. The interaction between the dog and the somewhat spoiled little boy–that’s one for the books.

One comment on “More Delightful Critters”

  1. Further proof that animals, at least at times, do enjoy music. I wonder if the dog considers itself Jewish, or just has a taste for Klezmer. Maybe it. Had just turned 13 and the party was for his sake. 🙂

    The beagle puppy is adorable, but then again, “beagle puppy” and “adorable” are essentially synonymous. What I didn’t realize was that “beagle puppy” and “industrial vacuum cleaner” are also synonymous. Does that make industrial vacuum cleaners adorable? 🙂

    The Asian fellow teaching his dog to jump was pretty entertaining, too.

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