My Newswithviews Column, July 19 (‘The Silver Trumpet’)

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I thank Newswithviews for letting me talk about my own books from time to time. Advertising is hard to come by.

I hope I haven’t put the rest of you off by doing this. If any of you out there enjoys a close personal friendship with Rush Limbaugh, and can get him to talk about Bell Mountain to his 20 million listeners, I’d appreciate it.

12 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, July 19 (‘The Silver Trumpet’)

  1. Quite enjoyable.

    It’s not often that one experiences an artist discussing their work without resorting to pop-culture cliches. An artist seeking to distance their work from pop-culture is ever rarer. Great application of Phillipians 4:8, and a great job of writing books which adhere to the instruction given in that verse.

    1. That’s always the challenge.

      I see the pop culture of today as being a manifestation of the Mark of the Beast. Sell out to political correctness, make a pitch for disorderly behavior and you would be heralded as a pop-culture genius. Live without the “mark” and just buying and selling can be challenging. It’s mob mentality out there and people whom quote Phillipians 4:8 are outsiders to the mob.

  2. Wonderful article, Lee. I imagine it’s no easy task for an author to write about his own work without ‘pitching’ it, but rather giving the ‘feel and reason, the heart’ – of the author and the story. You’ve done a masterful job, dear sir.

    After a wicked week of doctors, tests, etc., my plan tonight, after my Bible reading and prayer time, will be to read a little of ‘The Silver Trumpet’ and drift off . . .

  3. I finished reading The Silver Trumpet and I liked it very much! I’m looking forward to reading The Temptation!

  4. I just finished reading the Silver Trumpet to my sister as bedtime stories.
    It is WONDERFUL! we especially liked chapter 30. It renewed our confidence in wytt.
    After studying Chutt’s decisions I’m Starting to understand why Baron Bault didn’t get the gold back in book 7.

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