UK Demands Control of Books’ Content Before They’re Written

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This is what I feared the Supreme Court would do to our country in the “wedding cake case.” Thank you, God, they didn’t.

But they’re getting ready to do it in Britain: dictate to writers the content of their books before the books are written.

A government-funded Far Left idiot group, the Center for Literacy in Primary Education, has demanded that children’s books “across all genres… place non-white characters in roles which are central to the narrative” ( They’re telling you what to put in your book before you write it.

This is because there just ain’t enough BAME characters in children’s books. Dig the new acronym. It means “black, Asian, and minority ethnic.”

The nooze media hop aboard the bandwagon. Complains The Guardian, British publishing is “still hideously… white.”

Who cares? Ask me if I care. Who’s stopping BAME writers from writing about BAME characters? The solution is to force all writers to write a certain way?

But leftists can’t do anything without coercion. It’s mother’s milk to them.

I think I might just shrivel up and die if some pressure group, or some government, had the power to tell me what to write and how to write it.

Has the UK lost all regard for freedom? Does Britain aspire to be the deathbed of liberty? Will its own liberals succeed–if they haven’t succeeded already–in turning it into a Third World basket case?

The Magna Carta was born here.

But it looks like liberty is dying here.


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  1. I’m almost speechless to comment (great post by the way). There is a movie coming out about the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (played by a very beautiful actress – there’s a red flag for you). In the trailer it shows a young Ginsberg arguing a court case and combating the opposition by declaring the word “freedom” does not appear in the U.S. Constitution. Ha!! Try reading the 1st amendment: freedom of speech, assembly, etc.

    1. They did it to “Midsomer Murders” a few years ago–fired the show’s creator for not having enough Cherished Minorities in his scripts: and then subjecting him to some kind of “investigation,” as if he’d performed a criminal act.

      Now they want to do it to all fiction written for young readers.

      I would fight this. I would die on this hill.

  2. Winston is spinning in his grave, at about 50,000 RPM. There are some faint signs of hope, but I’m not holding my breath. They’ve defied the voters of Brexit and my money would be on them going down the drain and becoming a hellhole. If it happened to San Fran, it can happen to them.

    What happens next is the “siphon effect”. Productive people flee for greener pastures and the concentration of the non-productive becomes greater. Someday the government runs out of other people’s money to give away and chaos ensues.

    I pray we stay the course and do not suffer the same fate.

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