Why Atheist De-Conversion Stories Fail

From SJ Thomason’s “Christian Apologist” blog: I found this very interesting, and you will, too.     –LD

Christian Apologist

To persuade people, one should use the tools Aristotle suggested of ethos (establish credibility), pathos (appeal to people’s emotions) and logos (apply logic). I have encountered many atheists who have applied Aristotle’s formulations to construct their “de-conversion” from Christianity stories. This intention of this blog is to deconstruct their stories based on a higher level understanding of the same three formulations.

Just as we have witnessed in some sitcoms and news broadcasts, most of the atheist de-conversion stories I have heard are rather predictable: they begin with the atheist claiming to have been a devout, sometimes fundamentalist Christian in an attempt to establish credibility with Christians (ethos). They follow with a tale of the pain they’ve unfairly endured based on a horrific event in their lives. This event is often tragic and worthy of much empathy, especially when it involves a death in the family. Through this event, they call…

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One response to “Why Atheist De-Conversion Stories Fail

  • UnKnowable

    Very interesting.

    “The Kingdom of Heaven is within us.”

    Some time ago, I read a book about Elvis Presley and it stated that he hated being referred to as “The King”, because to him, there was only one King.

    While I think that we will someday see a literal kingdom here on earth, I believe that there is another aspect to this. The Kingdom of Heaven is quite within our grasp when we remember that Christ is our King. He’s the King right now, reigning while enemies of that reign are all but ubiquitous. He is my King and I live under that reign.

    Graciously, this King allows me to live in harmony with the governmental authorities in place on earth and, in fact, I am expected to cooperate with them unless they demand something unconscionable for a Christian to do. I respect these earthly authorities it know that all true authority issues from God, not men.


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