Priest Punished for Calling on Pro-Aborts to Repent

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Why does the Catholic Church–and they’re not the only ones who do this–sometimes act like it disapproves of Catholic teachings?

Ireland recently voted to end pro-life protection for unborn babies and legalize abortion. If you voted for this wicked measure, a priest in Dublin told his congregation, you need to come to confession and repent. So the diocese yanked him out of his parish and assigned him to another post where he won’t be allowed to preach (

Don’t sneer at Ireland. Here in America, Catholic colleges and looniversities routinely flout church teaching and get away with it. Are the bishops all in hibernation? What would it take to wake them up?

Some years ago Cardinal Raymond Burke, who withheld communion from Catholic politicians (Democrats all) who vote for abortion, was transferred out of his diocese, then kicked upstairs to the Vatican, and then kicked back downstairs again: I’ve lost track of where he is now. Cardinal Burke’s trouble is, he just won’t shut up. Something gave him the idea that a Catholic clergyman ought to stand for Catholic doctrine. The church acts like people who do that are a problem.

There are plenty of Protestant denominations who do the same–enough to make me doubt the Christianity of the institutional church.

When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?

Depends on where you look, Lord. Depends on where you look.

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  1. Just yesterday, I had a protracted conversation with a devout Catholic whom was dismayed by the current Pope contradicting church teaching with no regard for scriptural authority.

    Salvation comes through Christ. It’s not tied to a building, a denomination or an earthly organization. I think that this I s being made clear to all interested parties, right before our eyes.

    1. This fellow concluded by saying that he was a loyal catholic, but he will not follow this pope away from biblical teachings.

      Personally, I think it is a dividing work. People are being given the chance to decide whether their loyalty is to God or to men.

    2. Precisely. People are literally choosing their own judgment. There are many that place the rulings of church councils above the word of God. If they choose to take the Lord’s side only to the degree that it aggress with their viewpoint, they may we’ll find that they have chosen to stand apart from the LORD.

  2. There may be some who take offense to my comment, but I must speak the truth regardless.

    Perverts and lovers of money have overrun the churches. Our Lord gave us plenty of warning. Still, the scribes and Pharisees are at their age-old devices.

    1. It’s a worldwide phenomenon. Jesus said that “Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.” We are seeing it in churches that claim to serve Christianity along with many other places. There is only one answer, and that is to place our faith, not in humans, but in God alone.

    1. I think I’ll stick to the visions that we have already been given in the Bible. Matthew 24 and Revelation are strong enough medicine for me.

  3. Our church service this Sunday is based on being aware of false prophets who are in reality ravenous wolves. For the marquis sign, today I put “You will know people by their fruits.”

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