A Portland Tragicomedy

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Portland, Oregon, sounds like a great place to avoid.

Recently two employees were fired by the Back to Eden vegan bakery for turning away a black woman who wanted to buy something after the shop was closed and the “Open” sign turned off (https://www.wnd.com/2018/07/employees-fired-for-denying-black-woman-service-after-closing/).

What part of “We’re closed” didn’t she understand?

Well, of course, when you’re a Cherished Minority–not to mention a “professional equity activist” and “equity director” for the Oregon Dept. of Education, a government agency with money to piss into the wind–you don’t have to take “We’re closed.” Indeed, the slightest little disappointment, for you, constitutes “a disturbing and heart-wrenching experience.” How dare anybody not give you what you want?

So she went on the social media and got a “clamoring public” to demand that the two employees be fired for not digging the “racial implications” of their failure to re-open the shop because this professional complainer demanded it.

How did civilization manage to get along for thousands and thousands of years without professional equity activists? What, if any, function does such a creature serve? What would happen to life as we know it if all of a sudden we had to do without professional equity activists?

I really am running out of patience for stuff like this. I can’t imagine why our country continues to tolerate it.

12 comments on “A Portland Tragicomedy

  1. Equity? Don’t they mean equality? Either way social activism has been a blight on our country. People who go looking for something to complain about will never stop finding things to complain about in their never ending quest for equality.

  2. The motto for the diseased of leftardation is “We serve ourselves.” The rest of us just pay for it.

  3. I’ve been thinking of buying a new motorcycle. I think I’ll go make my best deal, then tell them I grew up poor and see if they’ll knock another 10% off the price.

    1. That’s it, I’ll go down at midnight, break a window, then explain that I was raised in poverty; that’ll work. 🙂

  4. Its become very intolerable.
    The play on race is getting annoying to see and I’m saying this as an ethnic minority in the US.

  5. Next we will be told we can’t pull weeds out of our gardens because they have a right to exist – or maybe they will need an equity garden committee to decide which weeds qualify for protection and which do not.

    1. They’ll decide weeds are a Minority entitled to special privileges and protections, subject to inspection by community organizers, and getting their own pride month on the calendar.

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