Boxes of Kittens

What did cats do before cardboard boxes were invented? Inquiring minds want to know. And why do big cats always try to fit into small boxes?

This is not to suggest that the government ought to fund a study of the matter.

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  1. All sizes and shapes of boxes work. Cats don’t discriminate But they especially seem to prefer smaller to larger. They all seem to love paper grocery bags too – and anything that makes a crinkly noise 🙂 If you’re an indulgent parent of a cat, you honesty don’t need a lot of money for toys. Cats will make toys out of lots of household items – even paper towel and toilet tissue tubes 🙂 And just watch them dart all over chasing a wadded up page from the newspaper (make sure to use the black and white – never the color inks that are toxic dyes).

    Cats rule! 🙂

  2. This sure isn’t cats, but it will put a smile in your heart (you may need a tissue – I did):

    1. God knows we need to be kinder and more loving to the animals He has placed under our stewardship.
      And now Robbie has just paid the price of scarfing down some nasty old leaf tracked in from outside, so it’s time for me to put the paper towels to work…

    2. Poor Robbie (and you for the job you have to undertake) How has her thyroid issue been coming along? I’m sure she’s not any more cooperative with her asthma treatments either 🙂

    3. The thyroid medicine works just fine, she doesn’t need asthma meds anymore, and she shouldn’t eat the freakin’ leaves from outside.

    4. Glad to hear her meds are working and that her asthma meds are no longer an issue. As for the leaves, forgive me, but – lol!

    5. These cats are great ones for eating things they shouldn’t eat. True, my iguana tried to eat pictures of strawberries and tomatoes; but they were painted on the plate and couldn’t do him any harm. But cats should know better.

    6. The problems we had in Florida with our cats getting things they shouldn’t, somehow many times were rather unhealthy for them – like the little lizards that wandered in by accident. The unfortunate thing there is that lizards can give cats a very nasty thing called liver flukes that is quite serious for the cat.

      Meanwhile, Robbie and Peep give you lots of love and joy, so an occasional leaf just has to come along with the package. The key is always noticing it before stepping in it 🙂

  3. Both videos were great. The cats and boxes one was like a journal of my life. I’m ambushed by a concealed Siamese many times every day.

  4. I hit “post” too soon. The elephant video was touching and then some. I have always been fed the lie that animals don’t experience feelings, but it’s obviously not the case. The poor treatment of animals gets to me if I dwell on it. It’s our job, as humans, to care for the animals as best we can.

    There’s nothing wrong with working animals, in fact many animals seem to enjoy having an occupation, but all animals deserve to be treated with respect, even love and definitely with consideration. Animals tend to be very good-hearted and a wonderful window into the skill and genius of our God. They deserve our love.

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