Happy Elephants

Elephants haven’t gotten a fair shake from the human race: we do need to repent for that. But for a refreshing change, here are some elephants having fun and being happy. They don’t get a lot of snow, where they come from. These elephants live at the Albuquerque Bio Park.

As an added attraction, we have polar bears enjoying the snow. You’d think they’d be used to it.

5 comments on “Happy Elephants

  1. Unlike me, the elephants and the polar bears seemed to really like the snow 🙂 It even looked for a minute like the elephant was going to make a snowball!

  2. You’re right, elephants have gotten a lousy shake from the human race. It’s fun to watch these intelligent creatures seeing something unique.

    FWIW, Alb can be cold as heck. It ain’t Phoenix. 🙂

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