Prayer Request: Holy Espousal Retreat House

My friend Evelyn (she and I go way back) has requested our prayers on behalf of the Center of the Holy Espousal of Joseph and Mary, a retreat house in Waltham, Massachusetts. The retreat house sits on 46 acres of land, and the city is using eminent domain to try to take it. The retreat house has had to hire lawyers to fight the action.

O Lord our God, defend your servants! They hold this land in your service, to minister to others, and their city has moved to take it from them without their consent. Please, Father, allow them to continue in your service, in their ministry, and grant them deliverance: uphold their lawyers in court. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

12 comments on “Prayer Request: Holy Espousal Retreat House

  1. Amen! My prayer stands with yours and others, Lee. In Jesus’ Mighty Name we pray.

    1. It’s probably safe to assume that most of us here feel the same. And while we’re on the subject, coveting what belongs to our neighbor is sin. They think they can slap one of their scribblings they call laws upon something and make it legal to steal from another.

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