Sleeping Kittens, Trusting Souls

A kitten in the hand is worth two in the shoebox. Is that how it goes? These are newborn kittens trustingly sleeping in some happy human’s hand. You’ll see in one of these clips a mother cat that doesn’t mind. It would be a good thing to be worthy of these animals’ trust–something to strive for.

I wonder if God ever does that with us when we’re asleep.

One comment on “Sleeping Kittens, Trusting Souls”

  1. I had never thought of your question, before. If He did, it would be so gentle that we’d never know a thing.

    I’ve always felt special when an animal trusted me to be it’s sleeping place. Beyond that, kittens are adorable little creatures and my every instinct is to be protective towards them. This was the perfect way to end my day.

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