Trying to Rest

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We had another bad night last night, and when I went to eat my breakfast–well, there wasn’t any, and I had to run back out to the store to get some. By then it was too late for a bike ride. And I was too frazzled to work on my book.

So we watched a 1990s TV movie, The Haunted, a true story about a nice Catholic family that moved into a house infested by a demon, and got four very bad years out of it. “Bad” as in boggling the imagination bad. They had to endure it for four years before the church finally came through with a full-bore exorcism.

We read that more and more exorcisms are being done in America. Is that a surprise, in a country where Planned Parenthood slices and dices babies before they’re even dead? And others pack their 3-year-olds off to The Drag Queen Story Hour? Just to name two examples that spring to mind.

Anyhow, readership is down today, I haven’t got my writing shoes today, and we’re having White Castles for supper: score one for our side.

Prayer time.

7 comments on “Trying to Rest

  1. Myself, I like to write barefoot. Sometimes it is a good thing to have our routines interrupted. Normal is a nice place to live but we can too easily take it for granted. I like the Bible verses about the earth being full of the glory of God because it is so easy to take the miracle of nature for granted. (like, how does our body know how to digest its food? We sure don’t have anything to say about it).

  2. These are stressful times. I struggled with sleep issues earlier in the week, myself.

    I have also heard that exorcisms are on the rise. I have heard, but cannot absolutely verify, that illicit drug use is a common element in spiritistic practice, so that would go and in hand with the demonic problems people are having. On more than one occasion in my life, I have seen people leave behind reasonableness and seem to fall into the clutches of something sinister. I think it’s par for the course these days.

    White Castles sound good. Ever had a Krystal Burger?

    1. We don’t have them around here, alas.
      In that movie we watched today, Ed and Lorraine Warren, professional demonologists, said a lot of possession cases originate with drug or alcohol abuse.

    2. I have speculated that drugs, especially mind altering drugs, can act as a gateway to the spirit realm and can possibly lead to demonic oppression, and in more rare cases demonic procession. I have wondered how much of insane cases are physiological and how much of it is a spiritual manifestation.

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