Our Era’s Legacy

Image result for images of human waste on san francisco sidewalks

I know it’s a gross picture, but this is what our society is subjected to.

What will posterity think of us? If there is a posterity, that is.

“The 21st century? Oh, yeah–transgender stuff. Those people who liked to throw feces all over the place. Musta been a bad time.”

San Francisco is already famous for piles of human ca-ca littering the sidewalks. But the culture always goes coast to coast, so now we have an incident in St. Petersburg, Florida: a convicted felon strolled into the 7-11 the other day with a bucket of **** which he strewed about the store until he was arrested (http://thesmokinggun.com/documents/revolting/vile-slurry-arrest-710532).

There have also been a couple of intensely disturbed joggers, here and there, who set themselves up as phantom poopers.

It’s getting rather messy out there.

Certain kinds of monkeys throw feces at humans who trespass on their territory; but why are humans doing it? Is it mere unfocused rage? A wave of mental illness, exacerbated by the fact that we’ve closed down so many of the mental hospitals, and these people can’t get treatment?

Maybe it’s just plain culture rot. Like, among most if not all societies, throwing crap around is a serious taboo. It seems this taboo, like so very many others, is breaking down.

Think about it–if you can.

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  1. I think people are stressed beyond the point of being able to reason. I see less extreme examples all the time; people so mind boggled that they can’t reason in even the simplest of situations. When I see this with business people and even cases of government officials failing to reason, it strikes me that this is not a great distance from poo flinging by some totally disenfranchised person.

    None of this is meant to defend to behavior, but I think that it’s a natural consequence of the craziness all around us. It drives politicians to provoke wars, it provokes the impoverished to lash out in a way that violates one of the most basic dignities of civilization.

    Einstein is quoted as having said that an empty stomach is not a good political advisor. The tactics of the radical Left is to keep as many people as possible in squalor, so that they can enact reactionary policies which are to their advantage politically. At the top of a repressive government is a Robber Baron.

    When Henry Ford offered the $5 per day salary to his employees, that was about double prevailing wages. Yet, working those assembly lines was so onerous that turnover was quite high. At the same time, people were at the gates of the factories, clamoring for the chance to be hired. Empty stomachs drive people to desperation.

    My own belief is that we are in the time of Christ’s return and this will culminate thusly. Christ said that when you see ALL these things occurring you will know that the time is near. We have had many, many problems over the millennia, but recently it seems like it’s hit critical mass in many places all at once. I would opine that ALL the things Jesus predicted seem to be upon us. If not, I shudder to think of the future.

    1. Henry Ford eventually got it right and invented the American middle class. I grew up in a Ford family, and the money my father earned, working for Ford, my mother invested and parleyed into a very nice retirement for them.
      When I worked there in the summer, of course, I found working on the assembly line to be so NOT my cup of tea, there were no words for it.

      By the way, the phantom pooper joggers, at least the ones I’ve read about, were not impoverished–anything but.

      This insane mess goes a lot deeper than simple poverty.

    2. “By the way, the phantom pooper joggers, at least the ones I’ve read about, were not impoverished–anything but.

      This insane mess goes a lot deeper than simple poverty.”
      Good point, I had forgotten about that. I guess it just comes down to civilization itself breaking down.

  2. Yes, it is an unbelievable breakdown of civilization. I saw an article yesterday saying “we are losing our culture” and certainly, it is true. I lived in a time when women never spoke swear words in anyone’s hearing, and men watched their language when women were in hearing distance. Now, the most vile language is spoken by both sexes anywhere and everywhere, including movies and TV. I often think how shocked my grandmothers would be if they heard and saw what is going on now. My Welch gramma insisted that proper English be spoken in her home by everyone. She had none of the modern conveniences, but kept a spotless home.
    This situation of scattering around human waste is beyond – way beyond the imagination of my grandparents, parents or me. It is unfathomable.
    And yes, I do believe the return of the Lord is near and it cannot be too soon for me.

    1. Well, He did say “Occupy until I come,” so I think we’d better keep on occupying as best we can until He gets here.

  3. Some people just don’t belong in positions of power, the San Fransisco mayor is one of them.

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