God’s Stuff Works

This little video shows the amazing things that happened, most of them totally unexpected, when wild wolves were re-introduced to Yellowstone National Park, after being killed off in the 1920s.

Biologists are only just beginning to understand the intricacies of any ecosystem. If one thing is affected, many things are affected. The intricacies of God’s creation require a great deal of study and observation. But the point is that the whole thing, as God created it, works.

Correction: The “deer” in the video are actually elk. Much more so than deer, elk changed Yellowstone’s ecosystem–until the wolves were brought in and changed it back.

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3 responses to “God’s Stuff Works

  • UnKnowable

    I had heard something about this before. It’s pretty amazing to see. We, as humans, can’t begin to comprehend what God was able to do with regard to planning for every contingency in nature, but He obviously has it all under control to a degree we can’t even begin to understand.


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