I’ve Found a Keeper

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“When confronted with the miraculous, faith is the only rational choice left.” (From the book’s cover blurb)

I review a lot of books for Chalcedon, always looking for something I can recommend. I’m halfway through Nicholas by Michael J. Scott–and excuse me while I climb up to shout a recommendation from the housetops.

Do you believe in miracles? If you were a hard-nosed newspaper reporter, sent off to a monastery at the top of the world to do a human interest story, and there you discovered–well, the original St. Nicholas, alive and kicking!–would you believe?

We’re not talking about everyday miracles like the sun coming up, or the birth of a child. We mean miracles in the strictest sense of the word–things that those who worship Science declare are totally impossible, they couldn’t happen, not ever, etc. Yeah, those miracles.

I am so tempted to skip ahead and find out what happens, but I can’t do that to a fine writer like Mr. Scott. In my first published horror novel, Lifeblood, I took pains to create a totally unexpected surprise ending–and Aunt Gertie went right ahead, as soon as she started reading the book, to find out how it ended. I hardly knew what to say to her.

So here we have a book about miracles, the least of which is a saint still alive, still serving God, after living some 1,700 years upon the earth.

This is really, really cool!

If you’re into miracles, give this one a read.

5 comments on “I’ve Found a Keeper

  1. I’m intrigued. I sure wish “Faith For All Of Life” was still being published so I could read your review of “Nicholas” in it. I love the St. Nicholas legend and America’s version on Santa Claus. This book looks like fun reading.

    1. The review will be published on Chalcedon’s new website, and I’ll link to it here. You won’t have to miss it.
      I like this book so much, I want to review it before I finish reading it.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! It came just in time for me to put on my kindle so this anxious mom would have waiting room reading during her children’s surgeries: one on Wednesday, one on Friday. Praising God that both came through like champs and are recuperating well.

    I liked the way the author brought out the imperfections of the saint unapologetically, and went on to show how God’s glory can be accomplished despite our weakness.

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