Leftids Call for ‘Bullets for Fascists’

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Count the “journalists” covering this.

The big White Supremacist demonstration this weekend in the Washington, D.C., metro area drew some two dozen supporters–who were swamped by thousands of Far Left demonstrators who attacked them and attacked police, and generally went postal until a heavy rainstorm broke it up. Marina Medvin, writing for townhall.com, was one of the very few journalists who reported on it (https://townhall.com/columnists/marinamedvin/2018/08/13/fascists-v-socialists-socialist-supremacists-win-round-2-n2509270).

The leftids carried a banner that read “It Takes a Bullet to Smash a Fash.” That’s short for “fascist,” and “fascist” means everyone and anyone who isn’t them.

There are many times more Far Left jidrools denouncing “white supremacy” than there are white supremacists.

So where were all the noozies? Probably getting ready for their “coordinated editorial attack” on the president of the United States, scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 16. Like they haven’t been attacking him all along, every day, since his election. They certainly weren’t going to cover their soul brothers running wild in the streets. They don’t think you need to know about that.

4 comments on “Leftids Call for ‘Bullets for Fascists’

  1. I wonder how many of these people are familiar with the history of Germany in the ’30s. There would seem to be a fundamental misunderstanding about the behavior of fascists.

  2. We fought against fascism in WWII, then quickly adopted many of their tenets into our form of government. Now the actuated fascists of our day call themselves anti-fascists. It’s like a bad dream from which you are not able to awaken. I dream of God’s Kingdom coming and His will being done on earth as it is in Heaven. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!!

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