Newspaper Claims Its Anti-Trump Jihad is Growing

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Do we really care what noozies think?

Hold onto your hats! August 16: over 100 newspapers will join with The Boston Globe in a “coordinated” editorial attack on President Donald Trump ( Well, the Glob says “100+,” for what that’s worth.

Uh, you mean the nooze media haven’t been attacking him every single day and night since Election Night of 2016?

True, they did the same to George W. Bush. Bush just sucked it up, but Trump hits back. They can’t stand that. So they accuse him of making “war on the free press,” their so-called “free and independent press.”

Free and independent: don’t make me laugh. This weekend, Antifa thugs demo’ed in D.C. and threatened to kill “fascists” (translation: everyone to the right of Pol Pot). Not a word about it in the mainstream Far Left media.

My favorite media Big Lie is the whole transgender thing. Here, the noozies slavishly follow the party line, calling mutilated men “women” and using feminine pronouns, etc. They all toe the party line. Shameful.

And oh, yeah–Man-Made Climbit Change is really real, and we’re all gonna die unless we give government lots of fantastic new powers to screw up our lives, and lots more money. Another commercial from the free and independent press.

Well, we’ll see what happens Aug. 16. A lot of these leftid wing-dings have a wave of fizzling out. But I think this one will actually come off–because no normal person anymore cares what a bunch of noozies thinks.

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