‘Be Thou My Vision’

Talk about staying power, this ancient Irish hymn has it–some thirteen centuries worth. This is the hymn that was the first to come to me today: Be Thou My Vision, performed by 4Him. Lyrics are provided so you can sing along. If you can do it without choking up, you’re made of sterner stuff than I am. Set design by God the Father.

10 comments on “‘Be Thou My Vision’

    1. I just selected a video for you, which I want to post tomorrow–and I would say more, except I’m kind of choked up just now. It may well be there’s no such thing as too much “Amazing Grace”!

    2. Awww…looking forward to the post tomorrow, which might just as well be since I’m about to teach a Bible study in an hour and working to finish the lesson up!

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