‘Be Thou My Vision’

This hymn has been around since circa 700 A.D.–and here, across the street, they’ve been playing it on the bells of St. Francis’ Church.

Here we have it by The Petersens… with a little bit of a country spin.

‘The Story Behind the Hymn: “Be Thou My Vision”‘

The Irish hymn, Be Thou My Vision, dates back at least to circa 700 A.D. and is one of the Church’s oldest hymns–and still after all these years (our modern version was published in 1912) is one of the most popular hymns we know, world-wide.

I did not know that the origin of this hymn rests with St. Patrick in the 4th century. Patrick defied the powerful, pagan Druid religious establishment in Ireland, and one of his most dramatic sermons was immortalized in a poem that was recast as a hymn some hundreds of years after Patrick preached it. Through this hymn, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, St. Patrick still speaks to us today.

We should listen.

Ancient Hymn, Still Glorious Today

Be Thou My Vision dates back some 1,400 years–and it still speaks to us. The bells at St. Francis, across the street from us, were playing it yesterday. Here we have it performed by Keith and Kristyn Getty… on the coast of Ireland, where the hymn was born.

‘Be Thou My Vision’ (Scottish Gaelic)

This beautiful hymn comes to us from Ireland, sometime around 700 A.D. This Scottish Gaelic version should bear a fair resemblance to the original. No, I can’t read it. Just listen.

‘Be Thou My Vision’

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Here’s a beautiful rendition by Audrey Assad of one of our oldest hymns, Be Thou My Vision. It was first sung in Ireland in the early 700s… before Charlemagne learned to walk.

By Request, ‘Be Thou My Vision’

Here’s another one of those coincidences that happen a lot around here. Ina (in Scotland) requested Be Thou My Vision; and just a few minutes later, the bells at St. Francis’, just across the street, played it. Maybe they aren’t coincidences.

The hymn is 13 hundred years old and still going strong… all over the world.

Performed here by students at Fountainview Academy.

‘Be Thou My Vision’

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This is one of the oldest hymns still being sung; it goes back to the Eighth Century, and hasn’t lost a thing–Be Thou My Vision, sung here by the Lebanon County Youth Choir.

‘Be Thou My Vision’

No one knows how old, exactly, is this ancient Irish hymn. At least a thousand years, and probably much more. All we know is that it’s still sung today and still loved all over the world.

Sung here by the Lebanon County Youth Chorus.

‘Be Thou My Vision’ (J&J)

This is an Irish hymn from some 1,300 years ago, Be Thou My Vision; and here it is being performed in Japan by the Swanson Brothers, Joshua and Jeremy (our dear friends and colleagues).

That tells you something about Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church, doesn’t it?

By Request, ‘Be Thou My Vision’ (In Irish)

I promised Ina that I’d post this hymn for her–the ancient Irish hymn, Be Thou My Vision, here sung in Irish Gaelic by Talyn Prescott–so here it is.

First sung in the 8th century, I daresay this hymn is still sung every day throughout the earth.