It’s Hard to Play Tarzan When You’ve Got No Hands

All kinds of fun with all kinds of critters–that’s what this video has for you. But three in particular impressed me.

The dog who seems to want Johnny Weismuller’s job–all right, let’s see him swing from the vine.

What it’s like to have a cow… in your lap.

The young ram feeling his oats at the expense of the lawn furniture.

5 comments on “It’s Hard to Play Tarzan When You’ve Got No Hands

  1. All the animals are amazing! The baby huskies are very cute. Praise God who made the animals!

  2. I’ve never seen anything like that dog jumping up into the tree until today. Wow!

    Humor, mirth and lightheartedness, it would seem, are gifts God gave to many creatures.

    1. When I was a boy, I saw a little black spaniel chase a squirrel up a tree. The dog was running so fast, she ran right up the trunk. She needed some help getting down, though.

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