Topsy-Turvy Liberal Thought

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One of the things that makes liberalism so hard for normal people to understand is the topsy-turvy nature of its thinking. A few examples will suffice.

If you don’t hate white people you’re a hater and a biggit.

“Choice” is everything, as long as you choose what they want you to choose.

Freedom is great, as long as a really big and powerful government controls everything.

True Diversity is when everybody has exactly the same opinion on every issue.

“Inclusion” always means excluding Christians and conservatives.

There is no objective truth, there’s only “your truth” and “my truth”–and my truth, if I’m a liberal, always wins.

See what I mean? This stuff is really hard to understand.

Might as well give up trying to. Don’t try to understand them. Just defeat them.

6 comments on “Topsy-Turvy Liberal Thought

  1. The worldview of many people has been reduced to sound bites. Spew a snappy non-sequitur and a fair number of people will accept it as fact without any thought of context. We live in a world where illusion dominates the consciousness of far too many people. IMO, that’s how they get away with it.

  2. Gotta say, Mr. Lee, your Christian compassion is not showing through at all. You’re viewing liberalism as being some “other side”; some “enemy” that threatens your existence; Onward Christian soldiers!! Just like the guy in the White House gaslights to his base.
    Everyone is an American. Try building on that rather than assign archaic generalities and collective definitions from which to point fingers. I’m sure there’s a Bible verse or two to cast this idea asunder.

  3. N. Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo let the cat out of the bag when he said America never was great – the true Liberal position. He is an American and he is for transforming America into a European-type country like every good Liberal dreams of – you know, free cradle to grave care by a Central Government.

    Again, thanks Lee for the great images you choose to highlight these blogs!!

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