Total Control of Everyone and Everything: It’s a Big Job

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Well, here come the Pro-Choice crowd again, doing what they do best–taking away other people’s choices.

California’s about to enact a law forbidding public eating-places to offer or suggest any drink but milk or water–somehow this brings to mind the image of an old-time prison: the Chateau D’If, perhaps–to any children dining there… with or without their parents present (

Okay, you can still get a soda, fruit juice, chocolate milk, or iced tea if you’re prepared to demand it; but they’d rather you didn’t. In the words of one Pro-Choice Democrat legislator, they’re just “making sure the choice is a healthful one.” You can have any beverage you want as long as it’s milk or water. This, hallucinate the bill’s sponsors, will eventually “cause a long-term behavior shift,” and the kiddies will turn up their noses at the forbidden sweet drinks and actually want only milk or water.

If you’re opposed to this, it must be because you don’t want the state of California to “combat obesity and diabetes.”

Ask a liberal, “Is there any aspect of human life over which government does not have the final word? Is anything at all not under its authority?” They’ll be stumped. And don’t let ’em get away with that jive about keeping the government out of our bedrooms–not when they’re always trying to drag Christians kicking and screaming into participating in a homosexual sham “wedding”.

But hoo, boy! When you’re setting yourself up as God, you’re setting yourself up for everything. Now it’ll be the state’s fault if kids in California are still fat, still get cavities.

When some people in Syria proposed to make Augustus Caesar a god, and build a temple to him, Augustus found the whole idea repellent and even quite ridiculous. “When some poor fool comes into my temple and prays to me to cure his gout, how am I supposed to do it? Tell me! How do I cure gout?”

But even a Roman Emperor had a better idea of his limitations than a California legislator.

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7 responses to “Total Control of Everyone and Everything: It’s a Big Job

  • UnKnowable

    What amazes me is that these people are always so certain of their opinions. Now I do agree that sodas and sweetened drinks are better avoided, I can see no problem with unsweetened iced tea unless you drink it in such quantities that you get buzzed on caffeine.

    But consumed in moderation, the occasional soda isn’t going to harm a healthy person. We had pop machines at my high school, but I can’t remember ever using one. I don’t remember that they served pop in the cafeteria, but we would have known how to obtain a soda either way, notwithstanding the pop machines on campus. Some of us were exceptionally resourceful and would have simply walked across the street to the store and bought one. I’m not certain that students of today’s school system haven’t had such resourcefulness completely “educated” out of them.

    The mentality of these people never ceases to amaze me.



    Liberals are schizophrenic. On the one hand they ban chocolate milk and milk because its bad for you; but they legalize marijuana even though its bad for you…

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  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Don’t get me started on California, I was born and lived there for 28 years before I got wise and left for good – and never looked back. It is a classic example where Capitalism build up its wealth and prosperity, and now their embrace of Socialism is rapidly taking it away.


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