Are You Naughty or Nice? Ask the Chinese Government

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All aboard! (Nice people only)

(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

See, this is just the kind of thing that appeals to “progressives.”

Aided by some 200 million facial-recognition cameras in strategic places, Red China’s “social credit” system last month banned 2.5 million “untrustworthy citizens” from traveling by plane–and another 90,000 from traveling by high-speed trail (

So far more than 13 million people have been classified as “untrustworthy,” based on their “daily behavior” and social media activities. According to the Chinese government, this is the way to “restore morality.” Meanwhile, “credible citizens” will be rewarded with an assortment of perks.

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! If you don’t say or write or do anything bad, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Providing the highly-computerized system doesn’t mistake you for someone else who’s not so nice.

And of course now every little thing you do wrong is literally a federal offense.

Why do libs go for this sort of thing?

Simply, they can’t tell the difference between government and God.

I pray we have enough sanity left in this country to keep them from ever taking power here. That must not happen ever again.

Total Control of Everyone and Everything: It’s a Big Job

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Well, here come the Pro-Choice crowd again, doing what they do best–taking away other people’s choices.

California’s about to enact a law forbidding public eating-places to offer or suggest any drink but milk or water–somehow this brings to mind the image of an old-time prison: the Chateau D’If, perhaps–to any children dining there… with or without their parents present (

Okay, you can still get a soda, fruit juice, chocolate milk, or iced tea if you’re prepared to demand it; but they’d rather you didn’t. In the words of one Pro-Choice Democrat legislator, they’re just “making sure the choice is a healthful one.” You can have any beverage you want as long as it’s milk or water. This, hallucinate the bill’s sponsors, will eventually “cause a long-term behavior shift,” and the kiddies will turn up their noses at the forbidden sweet drinks and actually want only milk or water.

If you’re opposed to this, it must be because you don’t want the state of California to “combat obesity and diabetes.”

Ask a liberal, “Is there any aspect of human life over which government does not have the final word? Is anything at all not under its authority?” They’ll be stumped. And don’t let ’em get away with that jive about keeping the government out of our bedrooms–not when they’re always trying to drag Christians kicking and screaming into participating in a homosexual sham “wedding”.

But hoo, boy! When you’re setting yourself up as God, you’re setting yourself up for everything. Now it’ll be the state’s fault if kids in California are still fat, still get cavities.

When some people in Syria proposed to make Augustus Caesar a god, and build a temple to him, Augustus found the whole idea repellent and even quite ridiculous. “When some poor fool comes into my temple and prays to me to cure his gout, how am I supposed to do it? Tell me! How do I cure gout?”

But even a Roman Emperor had a better idea of his limitations than a California legislator.

‘What Makes New Yorkers Live Longer?’ (2012)

Mayor Bloomberg’s long gone, but not really–he could always emerge as the liberal statist version of Donald Trump. As mayor of New York City, Bloomberg fell into the habit of banning everything he didn’t think was good for people. You can always count on liberal dictators to try to infantalize their subjects.

If you’re living in New York (the current mayor, Warren Wilhelm dba “Bill DiBlasio”, may be seen as an incompetent Bloomberg wannabe), it only seems longer.

PC Prof Gets a Dose of His Own Medicine

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip!)

A district court in California–of all places–has chastised a Fresno State University professor for harassing pro-life students and trying to restrict their First Amendment right to free speech (

Did you ever think you’d see that happen? I’m astounded. Permit me to go outside and turn a cartwheel. [Returns from doing cartwheel.]

In addition to making him pay $17,000 to settle the case, the judge sentenced the leftid dingbat to… “First Amendment training”… to be provided by the Alliance Defending Freedom, the conservative lawyers’ group who represented the pro-life students. Man, that’s got to hurt! It’s the mirror image of the Maoist “sensitivity training” that our stupid colleges have inflicted upon thousands of students who didn’t have the right mind-set. A dose of their own medicine.

The pro-life students, with permission of the college authorities, chalked their message on a sidewalk. Mr. Prefesser “recruited” some of his students to help him harass and intimidate the plaintiffs and erase their message. His reasoning, if you can call it that, was that this sort of non-PC speech was restricted to the university’s “free speech zone” and could not be practiced outside of it.

Dude! There’s only one free speech zone in America! Its boundaries are the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Fresno State got rid of its “free speech zone” in 2015, but it looks like Mr. Prefesser didn’t know that. Or maybe he was just feeling nostalgic for the good old days of the Great Cultural Revolution.

Whatever the case, this is whacking good news and we want to see lots and lots more of it. Force the leftids to wear the steel wool undies that they’ve picked out for the rest of us. Make ’em howl.

Because it’s their turn.

College vs. Free Speech

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If our country ever collapses into chaos and we lose our precious freedoms, our colleges and universities will be largely to blame for it.

The vice provost of New York University, one Ulrich Baer, has declared that trampling on free speech “ensures the conditions of free speech” ( ). Put that in your postmodern pipe and smoke it. It’ll make you as loopy as he is.

It’s simply “undebateable,” says this Stalinist wannabe, that we must kill our First Amendment to protect the fragile feelings of “minorities,” who must be rigidly shielded from ever hearing anything they don’t want to hear. It’s necessary to silence some of the people–us, he means–for the good of “a greater group of people.” This is what has been learned, he prates, by studying postmodernism and other forms of fractured logic.

He goes on to praise the Soros-funded thugs of Black Lives Matter, and other violent “protesters,” for “keeping watch over the soul of our republic.”

Don’t even ask for his definition of a “republic.” It’s bound to make no sense. For that matter, I’m not sure I want to find out what he means by “soul.”

So how about it, America? Are you ready now to stop pouring money into these institutions of “higher learning”? Or isn’t the pot boiling hot enough for you yet?