Doctors Prescribe… Outdoor Play?

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Has it come to this? You need a doctor’s prescription to get your kid outdoors? He won’t go out and play unless it’s doctor’s orders?

Apparently so (

I’m not here right now, by the way. I’m vegetating at the doctor’s office, an exercise which sometimes takes up the entire morning. Just now I’m probably thinking how much I’d prefer to be outside.

Anyhow, doctors are discovering that children spend way too much time in front of some kind of screen, taking root indoors, risking “burnout from looking at screens all day” as well as becoming stressed-out, overweight, or both.

Parents let them stay indoors and not go out because “parents are scared to death” of predatory strangers and the ever-present risk of injury. Then they send ’em off to public schools to get their minds and souls injured. So they don’t let ’em out, and the kids grow up weird and unhealthy.

Uh… toldja so. Toldja.

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  1. It’s a bit scary, but to me the real message is that we need to take time for meaningful recreation, which goes beyond organized sports.

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