Like Cats ‘n’ Dogs

The funny thing about these “fights” is, no one’s getting hurt–even if a couple of dogs do scream bloody murder when being chased by a cat. How easy would it be for these guys to do a number on each other? I mean, if you were a tiny kitten, would you stand your ground against a rottweiler? I’m not, and I wouldn’t.

3 comments on “Like Cats ‘n’ Dogs

  1. Kinda reminds me of when we had two Siamese, and the neighbor’s dog jumped on one in the yard. He came in crying and spoke to his partner, they both went back outside, and together they jumped on the big dog,
    one on each side and sent him whimpering home never to return.

  2. Yes, they really are. The first cat that was attacked came crying to me
    jumped on my lap and cried saying “mama, mama”. After I had comforted him, he then looked for the other cat to help him.

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