Cats Want to Have Fun

As the Cat in the Hat once said, “It’s fun to have fun, but you’ve got to know how.” (Or was that Froggy the Gremlin?)

As demonstrated by the cat in this video, here’s how to have great fun with your garbage can. Just get a can with one of those spinning lids. And if the cat’s not interested, you can always use the garbage can as a garbage can. Or you can do what this cat does. It might amuse you.

12 comments on “Cats Want to Have Fun

  1. Cat have to have very fertile imaginations. They can make a toy of almost anything. Of course having a face drawn on the lid of the trash can probably does not hurt the imagination, either. In any event, this is very cute.

  2. The trash can that the cat is playing with is Anpanman (Bean Jam Bun Man), a famous Japanese cartoon character popular with little kids. Since his head is made out of bean-jam filled pastry, flying superhero Anpanman gives part of his head to hungry people (eww), and he always has to have his bread-head replaced with a new one by Uncle Jam, a baker who is his maker. He has many superhero friends who have food for heads as well. Anpanman’s arch nemesis is an evil anthropomorphic germ named Baikin Man (Germ Man).
    In this video, it looks like he generously gave his head to the cat to play with, not minding the severe punches. He’s a real hero.

    Here is the Anpanman song with English subtitles I found on youtube:

    1. I had wondered if the face played a role in the cat’s behavior. I know that my cat recognizes toy animals and interacts with them differently from other inanimate objects.

    2. My little one likes Ethical Pets Skinneeez, which are little stuffed toy animals without the stuffing. She drags them around and wrestles with them. She keeps her collection next to her water dish. Sometimes she’ll find a quiet place for a nap and brings one of her toys to keep her company. It’s very endearingly watch.

    3. I wonder if my cats are too old to appreciate Skinneeez. You know how it is: you buy them an expensive cat toy, and they play with the bag it came in.

    4. It might be worth a try. They are small and easy for a cat to carry in its mouth. I think that they really plug into their predatory instincts. My cat probably has a half dozen toys that size, scattered throughout the house, but then she will gather them next to her food bowl.

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