Psalm 2: For Us

This psalm might have been written specially for our own time, our own age.

The heathen are raging now–are they ever!–and the people imagine things unmatched for sheer vanity by the delusions of any other age in history.

When God stops laughing at it… watch out.

5 comments on “Psalm 2: For Us

  1. You are so right. I often think of this Psalm and the sad truth of it for our
    own time. It could not fit more closely with what we see daily.

  2. Truly, a great deal is said in this Psalm. It is about our day, or at least certainly appears to be so. It’s about rulership, the sovereignty of nations and the sovereignty of God’s Kingdom, with Christ Jesus reigning from the throne of David.

    The nations are in tumult. Many want to have no responsibility before their Creator. Very few recognize the eternal promise made to Abraham and its impact upon our time. Some nations will literally take their stand against God’s arrangement and attempt to defy God’s will in this matter. This Psalm seems to be playing out before our eyes.

  3. We are witnessing the rise and fall of Humanism which is now entering its depraved stage as it runs out of any new ideas. Identity politics and virtue posturing are becoming vacuous: America was never great; abolish ICE, no borders, no America; illegals are more important than citizens, etc., etc., etc.

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