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I finally found out what “subscribe” means in blog-speak. It means “follow.” And according to an article I read last night on how to increase your blog’s readership, I ought to urge you to subscribe.

Well, over 800 of you are already doing that, for which I thank you. I don’t know whether that’s a high number or not. If you do subscribe, you get notified via email whenever there’s a new post, etc. There’s no charge for it. Some bloggers offer gifts to new subscribers. I don’t. After all, it’s a free subscription.

I am also told I ought to offer contests. Well, I’ve had any number of comment contests, and can always have another one–maybe today, even. The contest to cast the Bell Mountain movie didn’t get enough entries to make it a real contest, so I had to give it up.

Anyhow, if you enjoy this blog but don’t currently subscribe–well, why not join up?

Now let me see if the stats can justify starting a new comment contest at this time.

4 comments on “Please Subscribe to This Blog

  1. I can promise you that subscribing will be a good move. I subscribed a couple of years ago, and have been blessed with good fellowship ever since.

  2. I subscribed to this blog about two months ago, and I’m glad I did. Lee Duigon’s posts give me something to look forward to everyday.

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