Rats ‘n’ Cats ‘n’ Dogs

I’ve told you before: rats make great pets. Boy, are they smart! If they could live ten years or so, they’d be reading and writing. We had two of those black-and-white hooded rats: affectionate, playful–but they were sisters, so of course they fought whenever you turned the lights out. And stopped and looked innocent, if you turned ’em back on.

But really–a rat chasing a cat all around the house? Rats and dogs playing sniffies? And then there are the interactions with people. At least one of those, if my mother could have seen it, she would’ve fainted on the spot.

2 comments on “Rats ‘n’ Cats ‘n’ Dogs

  1. They are smart. Just another wonderful created creature that we will get to more fully appreciate in the Restitution.

  2. Interesting indeed, however, I would be in agreement with your mother- uh uh on rats in anyone’s mouth. ugggg. never.

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