Cats with Definite Ideas

Some cats have this urge to be the masters of their environment. They like to alter their surroundings. I’ve never had a cat who purposely shoved things off the shelf, but I’ll bet some of you have. None of my cats has ever displayed this regrettable habit.

I have a lingering suspicion that I may have posted this video once before. But it’s still funny.

2 comments on “Cats with Definite Ideas

  1. Cats actually disprove the notion of a flat earth. If the earth were flat, cats would have pushed everything off the edge, by now.

  2. These cats are very funny!
    Cats and I seem to have something in common… and that is dropping things from high places.
    For example, when I am on a bridge or another high place, I like to drop leaves, sticks, or stones lying nearby from the high place and watch them fall until I can’t see them anymore. (I always check to see if no one’s underneath me).
    That was mostly when I was younger, and I hardly ever do things like that nowadays… unless I have a math test to throw away (just kidding).

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