To God Be the Glory’ (at the Royal Albert Hall)

Sometimes there’s just nothing like a full orchestra and a couple thousand people singing–like here, at the Royal Albert Hall: To God Be the Glory. This video was made in 2012, not so long ago. I pray the hymns are still being sung in Britain. I pray there are men, women, and children humming or whistling them as they go about their daily activities.

Anyway, this is great–crank up the volume and let it do its thing.

5 comments on “To God Be the Glory’ (at the Royal Albert Hall)

  1. So inspirational! I wonder what the story is behind how this assembly came about? – what was the occasion? I put the video on full screen and only saw one person during it who was not singing along. All the others seemed truly filled with the joy of the Lord as they sang this universally enjoyed hymn. The Bible talks about God always having a faithful remnant of believers in the earth.

  2. Wow! Very, very beautiful! I hope, by God’s grace, that all the people singing are Christians, or will be Christians!
    I would like to request another hymn sung a cappella by GLAD, which is “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” Can you post this please?

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