An Experiment in Open Borders

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Just in case you’re not convinced by photos of hordes of non-Europeans swarming into Western Europe, here is a simply way to understand the effects of open borders.

Start with a picture of a square. One has been provided. Copy it onto a piece of paper.

Now erase the square’s borders.

What happens to the square is what happens to a country if you erase its borders.

If you can still say, after that, “We don’t need no stinkin’ borders,” you’re a Democrat and there’s but little hope for you.

5 comments on “An Experiment in Open Borders

  1. I like it when at Trump Rallies, the President goes off on how the USA helps build border walls for other countries but can’t get Congress to provide money for us to build a border wall. Democrats new slogan is “Make America America again.” What America are they talking about? The one Obama was trying to create where the economy goes stagnant and wages go down instead of up? Thanks, but no thanks. I prefer 4.4% GDP growth.

    1. Oh, you know! That Great America of transgender bathrooms, same-sex “marriage,” illegal aliens voting, and police standing down while masked Antifa goons riot.

  2. The god th8ng is that the Dem’s are marginalizing themselves every time they flap their collective yaps.

    1. There are many, many people out there that have no notion that life could not be as free or good as the life they’ve experienced. Their worldview is limited to what they’ve seen on TV and they don’t understand enough about history to even begin to understand current events in context. Unfortunately, people like this do vote, and frequently for idiots as stupid as they are.

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