Tucker Carlson: Democrats ‘Blowing Up’

Yo, Tucker–from your mouth to God’s ear! Nothing very good can happen to America until the Democrat Party is put out of business forever, and Carlson says they’re busy doing that to themselves. Well, how can we help?

But we must bear in mind Napoleon’s excellent advice: when your enemy is making a mistake, don’t interfere.

Going far Left off the edge of the world has got to be a mistake–I hope!

4 comments on “Tucker Carlson: Democrats ‘Blowing Up’

  1. Very interesting. I’m concerned that the world has become polarized to the degree it has. That’s not good for anyone.

    1. I think it’s good to know who’s on the Lord’s side, and who isn’t. Hint: only one party booed God at its last national convention.

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