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A Sure-Fire Way to Increase Your Audience

(Thanks to Susan for the tip)

Tucker Carlson asked, last night, why America’s airports, with their captive audiences waiting for their flights, show CNN–widely disrespected as a hotbed of left-biased fraudulent nooze and non-stop Trump bashing.

Well, fan my brow! CNN is in the airports because… CNN pays the airports for the privilege: $150,000 a year buys a lot of privilege.

Confound it! Why didn’t my publishers think of that! Think how many people would read my books if they were paid for doing it. But my publishers can’t go schnorring to George Soros every time they need more money; and besides which, that would be dirty money, tainting the hand that touches it.

Now we want to know why so many doctors’ offices, on their waiting room TV, show those awful soap operas.

The War on the Past is a War Against the Future

Why are leftids all over America in a frenzy to destroy Confederate monuments? Why wage this cowardly war upon the dead, who can’t defend themselves–and why with such a boiling passion?

Now they attack not only Confederate dead, but also George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt. See, everyone who had anything to do with creating and building the United States of America, they’re all racists, they’re all slaveholders. Down with them! And down with everything they ever said or did!

President Trump has asked, “Which statues are next?”

And why are the rest of us, millions of us, permitting this to happen? Why are we not saying “No!”

This is the Left trying to cut us off from all our past. No Washington and Jefferson, and there’s no Declaration of Independence, no Constitution, no Bill of Rights. They owned slaves 200 years ago, therefore everything they ever said or did is tainted. All our heritage from them–for instance, our right to free speech–is tainted, too, and must be done away with in the interests of social justice.

Then we can have this lovely PC country where no one has any rights at all.

Take a good, hard look at these people, and a good, hard listen. Do you want them to rule over you? Do you want them to have the power?

Their war is not about the past; that’s only on the surface. Underneath it is a war upon the future, which they mean to win. They hate our country and mean to destroy it.

May God smite them first.


Krazy Kalifornia

So, if they can get about half a million more signatures on their petition, there’ll be a 2018 referendum to decide whether California should secede from the United States.

Tucker Carlson last night interviewed one of the leaders of the “Calexit” movement. The guy was quite candid about it. “If you [the rest of America] can think of a reason you want us to stay, I’d like to know about it.” That’s candid, and so is this: “This is California, not the United States. Our values are different… We disregard their [America’s] laws.”

Even more eye-popping is the spokesman’s glee over the “massive exodus” of middle-class families out of California. That’ll open up space for the next wave of really poor immigrants from Mexico. And, “they’ll be taking our values to other states”–values which they’ve just run away from. Uh, did anybody ever notice any Cuban exiles trying to set up marching and chowder societies for Castro?

So, let’s see if we understand this… California has the world’s fifth largest economy. The middle class is leaving, big-time, and is to be replaced by poor people from other countries. The middle class pays almost all the taxes, funding California’s gigantic welfare programs. Like, if all the people who are paying for the party, well, go away… how are they gonna keep paying for the party?

Meanwhile, I’m trying to think of a reason, any reason, why I’d want California not to secede.

How Wacko Dems Will Reach Out to America

See how much of this you can take.

So the Democrat “strategist” comes on Tucker Carlson’s show to proclaim, “Democrats are going to run on American values.” Oh, please. Usually they run over American values.

But what “American values” is he talking about? Open borders? Transgenderism? Race war? No. He’s talking about “jobs.” And he says more immigration is going to create more jobs in America. He is not able to explain how importing millions more poor people will do that. He also seems to be suggesting that it’s not just poor people, but “engineers and scientists” who are sneaking over the border illegally.

Dude! I challenge you or any other Democrat to name a single mainstream American value that you and your friends do not despise. You may give lip service, for example, to Christianity–but we see you promoting abortion, sodomy, disregard for law, class warfare, etc. You’re right out there in the open, wrecking our culture and writing us off as deplorables. We know who you are and what you want. That’s why Donald Trump is president.

I just can’t wait to see how these weirdos reach out to America.

Yeah, They’re Crazy

I think if I were offered Tucker Carlson’s job, I’d be convinced I was having a bad dream. Or maybe a nervous breakdown.

In this outing, Tucker interviews a smirking paramecium named Dakotah Something, who thinks socialism really, really works and America should try to be like Venezuela. ‘Cause all the probs down there, he says between smirks, are caused by bad people trying to ruin the government’s plans to create a workers’ paradise. Damn, it’s a tough row to hoe, for those “dedicated Chavistas.”

Workers, eh? Socialism is full of airheads who never did a day’s work in their lives. What would they know about work?

Watch this kid’s face and listen to his words. This is a product of our education system. This is what we’re getting for our money.

This is our national folly come to life.

And what we’re supposed to do with the hundreds of thousands like him that our colleges are turning out, beats me.

These People Are Insane

I would pay good money to get out of interviewing this unhinged character, this Sunsara Taylor, but Tucker Carlson tries to do it.

These people would be funny if they weren’t so passionately committed to a delusional ideology which could wind up getting someone killed. She’s in a group calling itself “Refuse Fascism.” They have a manifesto. Why is it every bunch of wackos has a manifesto?

So what is “fascism”? I guess it’s everybody who’s not her: she never bothers to define it. What she does is rave. Donald Trump is Hitler. Everybody hates him. Only Nazis like you and me voted for him. “The future of the planet”–ah, yes, the Planet: one of the leftids’ God substitutes–depends on “driving him from office.” (Yeah? And then what happens? She doesn’t say.) Otherwise he is likely to start a nuclear war and “the mass incineration of human beings.” She also says she and her little group stand for “the rule of law.” Glad I was sitting down when I heard that.

She insists that she truly believes all these things. Carlson asked, “So then what are you going to do about it? Surely if you believe all that, you can’t stop at just staging political protests.” But she has no answer to that question.

Is this just Democrat comedy, or are these loons going to work themselves into a rage–with violence?

Why do I post such unedifying tripe as this?

Because these people are showing us who they are. Their party, the Democrat Party, must never again be allowed to take power. Not ever.


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