Do We Get to Hear Tucker Carlson?

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Tucker Carlson Nails It!

I don’t often post anything that’s 17 minutes long, but in this case I have to make an exception. Tucker Carlson has hit the bullseye: he is telling us what the Woke/Democrat utopia is going to be like for the rest of us.

There will be no such thing as “middle-class life” anymore. The movers ‘n’ shakers will be way up there (think Obama in his Martha’s Vineyard mansion) and the vast majority of us will be way down below, crawling around in the dark.

Do we let them do it to us? Is there any one of their tricks that we don’t know about by now?

God help us: look at the damage they’ve done in just a year and a half.

‘Comic Relief: Dueling Cliches’ (2018)

College students need safe space and crying closets, asserted a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show, and also a whole menu of newfangled pronouns… just to get through the day.

Comic Relief: Dueling Cliches

I never felt stressed-out by college–and I made Phi Beta Kappa (good grief, I almost typed “Phi Beta Kafka”! is it an omen?), so I’m officially smart. Either I’m some kind of genius for whom the most difficult intellectual feats are child’s play… or college just isn’t that hard, especially if you’ve figured out how to handle it and do so efficiently.

But it’s hard to figure out anything if you’re Far Left Crazy.

A Truly Bizarre Nooze Story

This is one of the weirdest damned nooze stories I ever heard, and that’s why I’m giving Tucker Carlson 13 minutes to explain it to you.

Hey! What would parents think if they could actually see and hear some of the nutballs who are “teaching” their children in the public schools? Well, some unidentified woman collected video that the teachers themselves posted publicly on TikTok and elsewhere: she then posted the collection, dubbed “Libs of TikTok”–and the Far Left Crazy went ballistic.

This is “a campaign to intimidate” wacko leftid teachers–how dare she? Never mind that this was material that the “teachers” themselves posted (it comes across as bragging–“Look what we can get away with!”) because they wanted their friends and cohorts to see it.

There ensued a witch hunt for the creator of “Libs of TikTok.” (Have we mentioned that TikTok is an agency of the Chinese Communist Party?) The Washington Post, which was once, long ago, a newspaper, led the hunt. Finally some “hate speech tracker” discovered the woman’s identity so they could loose the dogs on her and her family.

Finding her was a major operation, funded by the “Prototype Fund.” Gee, who are they? Well, it’s an agency set up by… you won’t believe it… German intelligence! They funded an organized campaign to crush an American citizen in America. Were they supposed to be our allies or something?

The Washington Post then had some gonk named Taylor Lorenz mobilize leftids against the now-identified woman; but this produced an unexpected backlash against poor l’il Taylor. See her break down into tears over people doing to her exactly what she first did to others! You just gotta love it.

So it’s not bad enough we have the toweringly corrupt Biden administration trying to make our minds right. Now we’ve got foreign intelligence agencies joining in.

Well, it’s too bad! The cat’s out of the bag, the horse is stolen from the barn–millions of Americans now know, based on what you yourselves have said, where a lot of you “teachers” are coming from and where you want to take our children. You groomers can run, but now you can’t hide.

The woman who unmasked them deserves a medal and a statue.

Biggest Homeschooling Increase Ever!

[Thanks to Susan for the heads-up.]

Since the pandemic descended on us, homeschooling in America has increased fourfold–its biggest increase ever. And that’s good news!

Tucker Carlson and his guest recently discussed the homeschooling wave–and they don’t think it’s going away. In addition to more and more parents working remotely from home, the pandemic “has exposed” the deficiencies in public education.

Parents don’t like Critical Race Theory, which Far Left “educators” employ to turn children into race fanatics (all white people are guilty, all non-whites are “oppressed,” yatta-yatta), they don’t like the schools pushing and promoting “transgender” and stocking school libraries with sleazy, unwholesome, filthy reading material. And they don’t like school boards mocking them, ignoring them, and getting the Justice (LOL) Dept. to sic the FBI on them as “terrorists.” And if all that weren’t enough, the quality of education received in so many public schools falls far short of adequate.

Without public education and its incessant propaganda aimed at children, there would be no Far Left Crazy in America.

Kill public schooling, and Wokeism dies.

‘Mandatory Transgender Dating???’ (2018)

See the source image

This is a horror Tucker Carlson dug up–an “atheist YouTuber,” or just a plain old tuber, suggesting that the government impose “mandatory transgender dating” on normal people.

Mandatory Transgender Dating???

A few years earlier, a member of the Ontario “Human Rights” Commission made news by suggesting that people’s circles of friends weren’t “diverse” enough and the government should step in and assign friendships. They took that off their website when people saw it and got infuriated.

But see, that’s our problem. We never get mad enough to put these Far Left psychos and tinpot tyrants out of business. The heat always dies down, and then they’re back at it with the crazy schiff. They’ll never stop until we stop them.

The Federal Government’s Cult of ‘Critical Race Theory’

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Hi! Ready for some more really bad nooze that you and I can’t do flaming anything about?

“Critical Race Theory” is a fancy academic name for hating and abusing all white people. It claims that all white people are racists, that they must all be disabled and punished by the government, abused by non-whites, and furthermore… consent to it!

And according to Christopher Rufo’s six months’ worth of research into this depressing subject, federal government agencies have hired “diversity trainers” to teach this schiff to all employees of the federal bureaucracy. They force white employees to attend “re-education” classes, confess to imaginary thought crimes, etc., etc. This is done throughout the vast wasteland of the federal bureaucracy–a nuclear weapons lab, the Treasury Dept., the FBI: everywhere you look, you’ll find this. At this point I am moved to ask, “Is there anything we aren’t doing to wreck our country?”

Tucker Carlson says “Political violence is the greatest threat we face. It could literally destroy the country.” He’s right about that, and Christopher Rufo is right about where the violence comes from. It’s brewed up in our universities and seeps from there into the government. Heck, they start in kindergarten! And it has been “weaponized against the American people.”

Rufo urges President Trump to issue an executive order, now, forbidding the teaching of Critical Race Theory throughout government agencies.

If it’s not already too late…

Is This for Real?

Just as we were about to go to bed last night, my wife discovered “news” that the government’s going to admit UFOs are real and there’s a guy studying materials and artifacts from “off-world craft” that were “not made here” on earth. And there was Tucker Carlson discussing it on video with “a former defense official.”

I knew there had to be something we could do to make 2020 even crazier than it already is.

Let’s see… attempted coup against the president, capped by bogus bull-schiff “impeachment”… pandemic, courtesy of Red China… non-stop riots, all white people are guilty of something, anything, everything…

Yeah–UFOs are real! That ought to do it. Here come the Space Brothers! They’ll teach us how to set up a real socialist utopia that really works, with a lot of kinky new perversions to go with it.

There is no life in the solar system except here on earth, and everywhere else in the universe is just too far away. And to go to all the trouble of getting here across several light-years of deep space, just to flit around the sky and titillate people, seems extravagantly wasteful. If the aliens were that silly, they couldn’t have invented flying saucers in the first place.

It could be a hoax. It could be a distraction. It could be an experiment. In fact, it could be all three at once.

Or it might just go away before the week is out. A lot of Big nooze stories do.

Bill of Rights? What Bill of Rights?

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy

New Jersey Gov. Phillip Murphy–who calls recreational pot-smoking “the civil rights issue of our time,” who’s hot to trot for assisted suicide–told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that a basic consideration of the Bill of Rights is “above my pay grade” (

Carlson was asking him about one of his executive orders that resulted in the arrest of 15 worshipers at a synagogue–exercising their First Amendment right of free exercise of religion–and Murphy answered “[I] wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this.”

Even if you believe these executive orders are absolutely necessary to cope with a medical emergency, does it follow that the Bill of Rights is just… a luxury? Well, yeah, freedoms are okay, but it’s not like we need ’em or anything.

I mean, he could have said, “Well, of course I thought of the Bill of Rights and I didn’t take this step lightly: I was responding to an emergency. I felt I had to do it.”

We are talking elementary civics here–the kind of thing everybody used to learn in junior high school. It was not above a governor’s pay grade. The Bill of Rights is foundational to our country’s entire legal system. To ignore it, to trample on it, is to weaken all the laws. As Mr. Pot-Head Governor is duty-bound to know!

Are we going to have to go through this quarantine rigmarole every time there’s a disease on the loose, from now on? Well, that would be always, because there’s always some germ or other looking to infect us.

So that’s another thing this experience has taught us: We need to tighten up and make much more specific the rules defining what powers governors or mayors may invoke and exercise to deal with an emergency. As we have seen in several states, we just can’t trust them to make it up as they go along.

San Francisco, ‘American Dystopia’

Tucker Carlson on Fox News has launched a new series on the demise of America’s great cities, starting here with San Francisco. The purpose of the series, he says, is to “remind Washington what they’re supposed to be doing.” That is, preserving the quality of American life.

“Civilization itself,” he says, “is coming apart in San Francisco.” There is, in effect, no more law enforcement there. Any crime involving less than $950 in property damage or loss is simply ignored by the justice system. And meanwhile the sidewalks are full of human feces and discarded syringes. The city government hands out some 400,000 needles a month, free–which sort of encourages drug abuse.

But what the heck, they’ve still got the country’s biggest “pride” parades.

Two things need to be said. I don’t know whether Carlson is going to say them, so let’s say them here.

*This happens to every city where the Democrat Party rules. Go ahead, name a major city, governed by Democrats, that isn’t going to hell in a handbasket. Betcha can’t.

*This is happening to cities all over the Western world. Seen any pictures of Marseilles or Paris lately? Not nice! And if you’re ever in Stockholm–well, get out as fast as you can.

This is post-Christian know-it-all fat-head secular culture. It will prove to be an experiment in whether you can have a civilization without functioning cities.

Our one and only hope is to reject everything this stands for and run, don’t walk, back to God.