Beat the Heat

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If I don’t stop blogging and get out there and start writing, it’ll soon be too hot to write. And then the cold weather will have settled in before I can finish the book–ah, fanabla!

I reckon (as Helki would say) I’m about halfway done with His Mercy Endureth Forever, Book No. 12 of my Bell Mountain series. I have absolutely no idea what the climax is going to be. The Lord will tell me when I least expect it: He likes to surprise me.

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    1. Yes, you can get a book published if you’re a minor–although if there’s a contract to go with it, you ought to consult a lawyer before you sign it.

      My first published book was a horror novel, “Lifeblood,” sold in 1986, published in 1988, by Pinnacle Books. I got a four-book contract, but when the horror market imploded in 1990, the publishers threw me under the bus. Twenty years went by, before Chalcedon published “Bell Mountain” in 2010.

      As to how many tries it took before I sold”Lifeblood,” don’t ask–because I’ve lost count.

  1. I am excited about reading Books 11 and 12 of the Bell Mountain Series, which is my favorite series to read! Thank you, Mr. Duigon, for writing the exciting series!

    1. The same here! It is my dream to write a series as intriguing as the Bell Mountain series someday.

    1. Why hatest thou the summer? I likest it, because the heat bringeth joy to me for it gives health to the plants, animals, and fellow human beings amongst us.

    2. /(Ö)\ !!?… o-oh…OK…w-well,I…er…um…t-t-t-tango y-y-yankee, anyway…and arigato…

    3. An odd thing happens when you comment using a just-for-fun alias. The computer doesn’t recognize the source of the comment, and won’t publish it without my approval. I understand what you’re doing, so I approve the comment and it gets published–only the computer then somehow figures out that you’re you and not an alias of Hercule Poirot, and publishes your alias as “Joshua.” Don’t ask me how this happens. It’s all a total mystery to me.

    4. I am ‘you’ friend! Hahaha! That’s a good one! I am ‘you’ friend? Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!

    5. I do hope I’m not causing any trouble. Thanks for approving the comments, Mr. Duigon. My aliases look fine on my computer.

    6. Oops! I forgot to change my name back to the original! My bad!
      Get lost, U.F.O. the Martian, and a bah humbug to thee! 🙂

  2. My favorite season is, by far, winter. I like the atmosphere of the season. Sitting in a nice cozy room made warm by the heater, drinking hot cocoa and the like (Coffee is my favorite drink ☕), and reading the Bell Mountain series on my comfortable sofa. One bad thing about winter is that I get bombarded with irritable colds…
    The season which comes second place in my “list” is fall: marking the end of summer and getting ready for the cold winter season. God’s handiwork is shown on the colorful autumn leaves. 🍁
    Spring comes in 3rd and gets the bronze medal. I like to look at the beautiful flowers blooming in spring, especially the cherry blossoms, ‘sakura’, they’re called in Japan.🌸
    But summer… ohhh, the heat! Here, summer is like an oven, with the humidity and all. The humidity is what makes the books, mostly hardbacks, get moldy (One of the good things about Kindle books is that… they don’t mold 🙂 ). And to crown it all… I get to drink refreshing iced root beer!🌞

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