A Circus of Idiocy

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In case you missed it yesterday, leftids were all over Twitter accusing Judge Brett Kavanagh’s law clerk, sitting behind him in what are laughingly called his confirmation hearings in the U.S. Senate, of crossing her arms to make a “white power gesture” (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/09/05/social-media-users-falsely-accuse-ex-trump-official-making-white-power-gesture-at-kavanaugh-hearing.html).

Some Far Left jidrool with a group called “New Agenda” went postal on Twitter: “This alone should disqualify!!” She called the law clerk “a neo-nazi,” which is Democrat-speak for anyone who isn’t them.

The original tweet has since been deleted, but any number of leftid “activists” have already picked up where she left off.

We never get to the bottom of Democrat idiocy. There is no freakin’ bottom to it. So far they’ve stopped short of swinging from the chandeliers and throwing feces, but that’s probably because there are no chandeliers available.

These are the people who want to control your country. They mean to subject it to a “fundamental transformation” into God knows what.

Go to the polls in November and vote Republican, and subject the Far Left to a beat-down like they’ve never had before.

America won’t be safe until the Democrat Party is put out of business–forever.

4 comments on “A Circus of Idiocy

  1. I could only make it through a couple of statements, then felt nauseated and had to close out. urrrggg

  2. This is beyond ridiculous. What do they expect, someone to sit motionless through this farce? No one in their right mind would attempt to draw undo attention to themselves during such a hearing. What would it accomplish? Nothing, which is exactly what the Far Left has in their quiver.

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