Comment Contest Update

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There seems to be a lot of interest today in the comment contest, so here’s where we stand.

On our way to the goal of 33,000 comments, we now have 32,405–so that’s just under 600 to go, and then we’ll have a winner.

The prize, as always, will be an autographed copy of one of my books, unless I see a need for something flashier. World-famous art objects, like King Tut’s golden mask or the Mona Lisa, are always popular. But they’re hard to get.

4 comments on “Comment Contest Update

  1. Mr. Lee;
    I really enjoy reading your articles. Sure would like to write like you.
    I have not finished all your archives yet but am determined to read them all.
    Each article catches my attention and holds my interest until the end. ‘Keep on the Firing Line’. America needs more Patriots like you.

    Thank you.

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