I Don’t Feel So Good

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My allergies killed me last night–sinus toothache, no sleep–and I’m not yet out of the woods with it today. But the daily nooze is just as hard to bear.

We’ve got Nike making Colon Coprolite or whatever his name is the new face of their company, because he hates America and if you hate America, too, you ought to buy their sneakers. Nike’s stock went down a couple billion dollars.

Worse, by far, is the street theater perpetrated by Democrats at what are supposed to be Supreme Court confirmation hearings. This is supposed to be a serious activity involving the future of our country. I wonder if it even has a future. When U.S. senators carry on like collidge dorks from 1970 capering around the street in whiteface, it makes one question their fitness to govern. The thought that these twaddlers have anything to do with the serious business of America is a daunting one. We are ruled by showboating buffoons. This tantrum started on Election Night of 2016 and has been running nonstop ever since.

Is it really possible that millions of people are going to vote for these insects in November? Are we really that far gone?

Just trying to imagine what America would be like, if these morons ever had their way–no more immigration laws, prison for Climbit Change skeptics, stopping the nation’s economy in its tracks, the whole shooting match taken over by gargoyles who think Stalin had a lot of good ideas–

It’s even more painful than a sinus toothache.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I have battled these same symptoms for almost a month now, and finally, this morning, I think I am
    over the hump. Very many people around here are experiencing the same thing. What is going on!? I will pray for you along with everyone else.

  2. I started getting allergy reactions so I got back to taking Chlor anti-allergy pills twice a day. I have found they work best for me.

    I got a kick today while watching Sen. Corrie Booker get bawled out for releasing private emails of Kavanaugh which is against the rules – but since when do Liberals care about rules.

    And that Bato O’Rourke guy running against Ted Cruz for the senate seat in Texas – proving how cool he is by frequently using the “F-Bomb” to color up his rhetoric. Oh, and he is against the ICE, and all for taking a knee during the Nat’l Anthem. I wonder if being a Liberal political leader these days requires one to be Bi-Polar.

    1. Liberals have no dignity. Believe it or not, Corrie Booker used to be somebody we admired in NJ. He once ran into a burning building to save a life. But ever since he caught Potomac fever, he’s a total disgrace.

  3. The spectacle of this confirmation is appalling. What is wrong with this picture? Protests? Well, the real reason is that Roe vs Wade hangs in the balance and there is a lot of fear among the Left.

  4. Today I went to the dentist and… I don’t have to wear braces anymore. For many years I’ve been wearing them, so I’m relieved.

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