Bashin’ at the Fashion

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I don’t think I want to hear any more culture news today.

Every now and then I encounter a news item with which I can find no connection whatsoever–news from another planet. This is an example of it:

At New York Fashion Week, two rap “artists”–their word for it, not mine–named Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, neither of whom I’d ever heard of until this morning, got into a hair-pulling, shoe-throwing brawl (  I’m not sure how to describe the incident further without getting myself banned from somewhere.

So you’ll just have to imagine what I think of rap artists and fashion shows, my lips are sealed, wild horses couldn’t get me to characterize fashion shows as festivals of incontinent bad taste, wherein vacuous numbskulls show off their poverty and call it wealth, a disgrace to the human race, and overall a heaping mountain of crapola.

What does it say about our culture that such characters as appear throughout this story are rich and famous?

9 comments on “Bashin’ at the Fashion

  1. I see animals with much better behavior than this. “Some people” wonder why others do not respect them? You first have to grow a little self respect, or the answer should be obvious. Act like low-life animals, what follows is inevitable.

  2. Nicki Minaj is one of those young women who will appear in public with almost nothing on and get away with it because no nipples or public hairs are shown. They are flashes in the pan appealing to the basic instincts in man. And don’t get me commenting on rap crap because I am helping serve communion tomorrow and I want to be sanctified.

  3. We have seen a rather precipitous drop in public dignity in our day. Why does anyone buy their product?

    1. It’s almost as if anyone that declares themselves an artist is guaranteed a buying public whom will pay for their wares.

    2. A lot of these people act as if they deserve a paying audience and manage to attract something akin to sympathy. Most of what I’ve heard of that genre leaves me cold.

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