‘Are We Really Deserting Christ?’ (2016)

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Every year the nooze media delightedly proclaim that Christianity is dying off in America, people are leaving the Church in droves.

Well, if Jesus has left the building, so should you.


Having ceded control of our culture to persons who don’t believe in God but really hate Him anyway, we shouldn’t be surprised at its condition.

The only thing to do is win it back.

3 comments on “‘Are We Really Deserting Christ?’ (2016)

  1. The “church” is not the Lord. Those who now HIM, really know HIM will never leave HIM. Time with HIM is too precious to leave for a moment.
    Some organizations that call themselves church are really not.

  2. In the Book of Acts it tells how God was adding to the church membership daily. First of all, don’t believe anything the MSM says about Christianity because they are a mouthpiece for Satan. Second of all, God will always have a remnant that do not bow to the world’s false gods. Third, pray for God to raise up true spiritual leaders like Joshua and Nehemiah. And fourth, pray for God to flood the earth with elect souls (remember the parable of the wheat & tares? At the end the wheat was more abundant than the tares).

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