‘The Son of God Goes Forth to War’

This is from a psalm sing at Christ Church–The Son of God Goes Forth to War, with band, choir, and the whole congregation.

We are authorized and exhorted to make war on spiritual wickedness: but the weapons of our warfare are spiritual, not fleshly. Believe in God. Testify for Jesus Christ. Speak the truth and never, never let the enemy compel you to speak lies. Pray harder. Sing louder. Our Lord is coming, and not all the devices of this fallen world will hold Him back.

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  1. I notice some of the attendees know all the verses by heart. Some of those in my Missouri Synod Lutheran Church who have been raised in the church know a lot of the hymns we sing by heart. I know many Christmas carols by heart, and some of the standards like “Amazing Grace.” I guess it’s laziness on our part that we don’t memorize more of the hymns we love to sing.

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