Comment Contest: 14 to Go

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I fully expected there to be a winner waiting for me when I came down this morning. Imagine my surprise when I discovered there are still 14 comments to go! So, like, there’s gotta be a winner sometime this morning.

I hope the winning comment, No. 33,000, turns out to be witty, pithy, a la Julius Caesar (“Veni, vidi, vinci”).

The prize is one of my books, autographed. It turns out I’m not allowed to award anyone a do-over of his or her teen years.

So where is everybody this morning? Saddle up, guys!

20 comments on “Comment Contest: 14 to Go

  1. I don’t know about the saddle part, but at least, I’m up. Remember, where I live, it is 3 hours earlier than where you are. I am just finishing my first cup of coffee, but as my eyes open, I hope my brain will follow suit.
    This is the beginning of the final Fall Feast Sukkot, which many believe was the time of year Jesus was really born. At that time, He came to earth to Tabernacle with us, and the next time He comes, it will again be to Tabernacle with us; forever, this time.

    1. For all my seventeen years I’ve lived on Kyushu Island, one of the four main islands of Japan, which is the third largest island of Japan. I live in Itoshima City in Fukuoka Prefecture with my American dad, Japanese mom, and fourteen-year-old brother. Actually, I don’t have the Kangen water machine. (To be honest, I didn’t know what it was until I checked it out on the internet.)

    2. Oh wow! That’s pretty awesome! What’s it like over there?
      I just asked about the Kangen machine, because I heard somewhere that 1/3 of Japanese households have them.

    3. It’s pretty nice living here, with all the beautiful scenery that God has created for us, and the people are nice, too. We have an English-teaching business, and Dad’s the teacher. My brother and I help him in some of his classes. Mom is the cook of our family, and she makes really delicious meals. We live at the foot of a mountain called Mount Raizan (Thunder Mountain), where there is peace and quiet, and we can enjoy living in nature.

    4. Joshua, have you got friends and family to view this blog–or are all those views from Japan coming from you? Japan has given this site a real shot in the arm.

    5. Wow! That’s awesome, my goal is that when I get married and if the Lord blesses me with children that I can start a business that could involve the whole family. So I really like the idea of family businesses. Thunder Mountain… is that kind of like Bell Mountain, (with the cloud cover and all)?

    6. My brother, Jeremy, and I are the only ones in my family who view this blog, but I don’t know anyone else in Japan who do. I’m glad that Japan is helping your blog, Mr. Duigon!
      Yes, Elijah, the name of Thunder Mountain does remind me of Bell Mountain; it has a good ring to it, although Raizan doesn’t have any mysterious clouds on the summit, unfortunately… (In the name ‘Raizan’, ‘rai’ means thunder and ‘zan’ means mountain, but, in Japanese, thunder is ‘kaminari’ and mountain is ‘yama’, therefore Thunder Mountain, when translated as it is, is ‘kaminari-yama’. ‘Rai’ means ‘kaminari’ and ‘zan’ means ‘yama’. The way Japanese names are said depends on the ‘kanji’, which are Chinese characters.)
      You have a very good goal, Elijah, and I hope you can reach it by God’s grace! Yes, family businesses are very nice, and we are doing fine with Jesus’s help!

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