Media: Kavanagh Should Step Down

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Is it a political party or a lynch mob?

Hey, how’s this for a plan? You’re nominated for the Supreme Court, and at the last minute, Democrats dig up this attempted rape charge, no witnesses, no details, not even a time or place, from back when you were a 17-year-old high school kid–and you should step down, go away, surrender, etc.

That’s what Chuck “Free & Independent Press” Todd said on NBC recently ( After all, the serious nature of the allegation just naturally cancels out any consideration of whether it’s true or not.

And so Judge Brett Kavanagh, if he follows this sage advice, should just walk away from his confirmation hearings. And have this unsupported accusation hanging over his head for the rest of his life.  Because it’s such a serious allegation, it doesn’t have to be proved. Just live with it until you die.

Is there anything the nooze media–maybe I should call it the noose media–and the rest of the Democrat smear machine won’t do to keep a conservative off the court? So far they’ve only tried to murder Kavanagh’s character and reputation. It remains to be seen how much farther they will go. Their one and only standard, the only thing they live by, is a lust for power. That is what serves them for morality.

Before anything much good can happen in America, the Democrat Party must be put out of business. Permanently.

Our chance to do that will be in this November’s elections.


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  1. Agree completely – there is virtually no evidence, you need the Way Back Machine, there is no corroboration, and there have been 6 FBI investigations already. The timing was deliberate, cynical and political. The victim has ties to the left as do her attorneys, thus, motivation to accuse. Frankly, I’d have been more sympathetic to her (if not agreeing that this should influence Kavanaugh’s nomination) if she did what she at first claimed she wanted to do – speak up at the committee hearing. That is now being, again, cynically pushed back to buy time. I also become annoyed with the comparisons to Anita Hill – two very different situations. Thanks for posting this (excuse my tangent!).

  2. How stupid and naïve do these people think we are? They try the same tired old tricks again and again, and expect a different result? That is defined as insanity.

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