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Constable Chumley Testifies in Kavanagh Hearings!

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Democrat Senators have been reduced to calling fictional characters to testify against Judge Brett Kavanagh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Already heard as witnesses against Kavanagh have been Captain Ahab, Betty and Veronica, and Tristram Shandy. But the star so far has been Constable Chumley of Scurveyshire, from Violet Crepuscular’s epic romance, Oy, Rodney.

Asked by Senator Corey “Spartacus” Booker (D-Parallel Universe) whether Judge Kavanagh had ever harassed or molested any country maids in Scurveyshire during the reign of Queen Victoria, Constable Chumley answered vigorously–well, at least as vigorously as any fictional character can manage.

“Ooh, yeye, thar’ wee no thrickin’ bawn a-tall!” The Constable nods for emphasis. “I delly, footh, ’twas mair yon Kavanagh thoo’ briggle!” He went on in this vein for 90 minutes, no one daring to interrupt him.

The next witness, Ms. Violet Crepuscular herself, testified, “My feelings are the same as Constable Chumley’s.”

TOMORROW: Democrat Senators to call on characters from books and stories that haven’t been written yet.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 13 (‘Shameless Pastor’ etc.)

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Among the distinguishing characteristics of this benighted age we live in is the extinction of our sense of shame. You know–that thing that makes it possible for us to live like human beings. That thing that holds us back from committing certain excesses of bad behavior.


I can’t stress this strongly enough: we can’t just do anything we feel like doing to our culture and expect to get away with it.

Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

Thou Shalt Not!

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They’re making too much noise to hear the Siloam tower cracking.

One of the many low points of the Brett Kavanagh confirmation hearings was the ease with which the Democrat Party managed to dig up an ordained minister of the gospel, from the Free Methodist Church, to testify in favor of abortion. Indeed, this trendy preacher went so far as to cite a Bible verse as “proof” that Jesus thinks it’s okay to force people to pay for other people’s abortions (https://www.lifenews.com/2018/09/07/methodist-pastor-uses-bible-verse-to-defend-forcing-christians-to-fund-abortions/).

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. –The Third Commandment

The verse shanghaied by the trendy minister was John 10:10, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Obviously an abundant life would include as many abortions as you like, paid for by someone who objects to having to do it. If you can follow this woman’s labyrinthine reasoning, 1. she doesn’t want to “force her religious beliefs” on anyone else, 2. therefore persons allowed by Judge Kavanagh to not fund their employees’ abortions, as required by an Obamacare “mandate” that Judge Kavanagh ruled against, 3. must have secular beliefs imposed on them. Honk if that makes sense to you.

To anyone but a blithering moron it’s obvious that “abundant life” is hardly in the cards for an aborted baby.

Oh, I almost forgot! The trendy minister is also a “reproductive health advocate,” with “reproductive health” as a euphemism for abortion, and a “community development organizer,” whatever than is. Your community can almost certainly get on swimmingly well without any community organizers of any kind.

The trendy minister got into the abortion wars–she describes herself as “pro-life,” but I don’t think she understands what that word means–when her employer churlishly refused to pay for her IUD. Uh, like, call me simple, but why couldn’t she pay for her own IUD? Libs are always screaming about keeping the government out of their bedrooms; and then they turn around and drag the government into the freakin’ bedroom. They’re always doing that.

And of course the big thing the trendy minister has done here is to take God’s word and try to make Him bear false witness against Himself. She tells a lie in the name of God Almighty.

Yo, chuckles, it’s time to repent.

Before something like the tower of Siloam falls on you. That’s in the Bible, Luke 13:1-5.

But she’ll probably twist those verses to mean that God wants us to worship iPads.

I Don’t Feel So Good

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My allergies killed me last night–sinus toothache, no sleep–and I’m not yet out of the woods with it today. But the daily nooze is just as hard to bear.

We’ve got Nike making Colon Coprolite or whatever his name is the new face of their company, because he hates America and if you hate America, too, you ought to buy their sneakers. Nike’s stock went down a couple billion dollars.

Worse, by far, is the street theater perpetrated by Democrats at what are supposed to be Supreme Court confirmation hearings. This is supposed to be a serious activity involving the future of our country. I wonder if it even has a future. When U.S. senators carry on like collidge dorks from 1970 capering around the street in whiteface, it makes one question their fitness to govern. The thought that these twaddlers have anything to do with the serious business of America is a daunting one. We are ruled by showboating buffoons. This tantrum started on Election Night of 2016 and has been running nonstop ever since.

Is it really possible that millions of people are going to vote for these insects in November? Are we really that far gone?

Just trying to imagine what America would be like, if these morons ever had their way–no more immigration laws, prison for Climbit Change skeptics, stopping the nation’s economy in its tracks, the whole shooting match taken over by gargoyles who think Stalin had a lot of good ideas–

It’s even more painful than a sinus toothache.

A Circus of Idiocy

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In case you missed it yesterday, leftids were all over Twitter accusing Judge Brett Kavanagh’s law clerk, sitting behind him in what are laughingly called his confirmation hearings in the U.S. Senate, of crossing her arms to make a “white power gesture” (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/09/05/social-media-users-falsely-accuse-ex-trump-official-making-white-power-gesture-at-kavanaugh-hearing.html).

Some Far Left jidrool with a group called “New Agenda” went postal on Twitter: “This alone should disqualify!!” She called the law clerk “a neo-nazi,” which is Democrat-speak for anyone who isn’t them.

The original tweet has since been deleted, but any number of leftid “activists” have already picked up where she left off.

We never get to the bottom of Democrat idiocy. There is no freakin’ bottom to it. So far they’ve stopped short of swinging from the chandeliers and throwing feces, but that’s probably because there are no chandeliers available.

These are the people who want to control your country. They mean to subject it to a “fundamental transformation” into God knows what.

Go to the polls in November and vote Republican, and subject the Far Left to a beat-down like they’ve never had before.

America won’t be safe until the Democrat Party is put out of business–forever.

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