And Now, Another One…

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What have I done, to deserve all these invitations to review preposterous and sleazy romance novels?

Today I’ve been invited to review “a sensual and supernatural journey” featuring a torrid romance between a “dragon king” who is, inevitably, “darkly handsome,” and a “beautiful and mysterious woman”–they’re all mysterious, in more ways than one–with the loopy name of “Arianrhod Deatherage.” Says the perky publicist, who obviously has an abysmally low opinion of my literary taste, “Happily-Ever-After Meets Modern Empowerment in a Steamy New Paranormal Romance.” Lemmeouttahere.

I wonder what effect it has on the brain, to consume vast quantities of books like this. What does their very existence say about our culture?

Nothing good!

Violet Crepuscular come back, all is forgiven.

3 comments on “And Now, Another One…

  1. Trying to slowly catch up on some of your posts, this one caught my eye – mostly because of your question at the beginning. Having absolutely no knowledge of the world of writing, I do wonder how the selection to ‘invite’ a person (another writer I assume) to review someone’s work is arrived at. Do they just put names in a hat and select one? That’s about as far from your writing as many of these invitations are.

    1. I really don’t know, but I expect they somehow compile a list of book reviewers online and send out the invitations alphabetically, devoting no real thought to it. I’m always getting these!

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