Cats & Puppies Spectacular

I’ve never owned dogs and cats at the same time. Some of these videos make me wish I had.

Note that this are mostly adult cats playing with puppies. How do they know to be so gentle? I mean, the puppy wouldn’t know–right? So it’s up to the grownup cat to set the tone. And they know just how to do it. Very smart!

2 comments on “Cats & Puppies Spectacular

  1. Very cute. The beautiful calico looks just like one of the stray cats that have come to take up residence with us. My son’s pup is the same color
    mix and they seem to get along fine and have fun chasing each other.

  2. It takes some serious understanding on the part of these animals to be able to play, and even more so across species lines. They have to understand the difference between fun and serious actions. They have to be able to recognize this, not only in themselves, but in other animals. In human terms, we think of Bona Fides, good faith which assumes that the other party will operate for the good and not for harmful purposes. It can take a lawyer many pages to define this in a contract, but animals can assess Bone Fides without verbal interaction. It’s almost as if some loving, eternal, overriding Force has programmed this into them. 🙂

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