Kitten See, Kitten Do

As you can see from this video, kittens are very imitative. If you have one or more kittens in the house, it’s important for you to be a good role model. Usually the mother cat performs this function. Even so, be on your guard lest a kitten pick up any not-so-nice human habits. Like not refilling the ice tray.

8 comments on “Kitten See, Kitten Do

  1. There are some precious clips there. It never ceases to amaze me that even small kittens are capable of the poise and grace of a mature cat, when they’re not busy playing.

  2. Cats rule!

    When I lived in rural North Florida, I did lots of cat rescuing, so much so that my mailman used to tell people he had a ‘cathouse’ on his route 🙂

  3. Likewise, Joshua, cats are my favorite. I live in the desert southwest and besides domestic cats, we have Bobcats, Mountain Lions and even the occasional Jaguar, all within a few miles of my house. I’ve never seen any of these up close in the wild, but it’s sort of fun to look off at the mountains south and west of my house and know that a Jaguar is somewhere in those mountains.

    I am afraid that I could end up collecting cats, if I let myself. That would be fun, but expensive and not good for my allergies. I can handle one cat, but two cats will have an effect on my health.

  4. Wow! Interesting information, Unknowable! It must be exciting with all those animals around! Here, in the Japanese countryside near the mountains, we only have stray cats, and one in particular always comes to our yard- a pet in a sense. We have Wild Boar (Inoshishi), Racoon Dogs (Tanuki), Foxes (Kitsune), Monkeys (Saru), and other critters.
    I’m sorry to hear that you have cat allergies. My mom has cat allergies, too.

    (If I was a blogger, I could start ‘Liking’ others’ comments. I have quite a few comments that I would like to ‘Like’.)

    1. It is interesting to live here. Deer, Javelina (wild pigs), lizards of all sorts, including Gila Monsters, which are poisonous, but beautiful.

  5. Thanks, Mr. Duigon. I signed up with WordPress and now I am able to ‘Like’ comments and posts.

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